Difference Between Vision and Mission Statement

Vision vs Mission Statement

Mission statement and vision statement are a part of strategic planning that is done by successful organizations, to define their present and future goals clearly. These statements are similar in nature, so much so that many feel they are same or synonymous. These statements let the employees, as well as all others, know the purpose of the organization and where it intends to stand in a few years’ time from now. If anything, mission and vision statements can be considered as cousins with the focus being on present and future. Let us take a closer look.

Mission Statement

The reason why your business exists and what it does at present is at the core of a mission statement. Mission statements are a clever ploy used by leaders of organizations as they reflect the uniqueness of the company and carry the message across to a broad category of stakeholders. Mission statements describe what an organization does today along with the line of products being made or services being offered. These statements work as a guiding light for vendors and employees as they know the goals and the quality commitments of the organization. In short, if a photo of a business can be taken, mission statement is just that, a snapshot of an organization as it stands today.

Vision Statement

Vision statement is cleverly worded statement that is written to serve as an inspirational tool for the employees and all other stakeholders in the company. Vision statement is a tool that is used to spell out where the company intends to stand a few years from now. This statement is so worded so as to act as a motivational and inspirational tool for the employees of the company to work hard in the direction suggested. Vision statement makes use of guiding beliefs of the organization to remind the audience about the values that have to be followed while achieving the objectives of the company.

What is the difference between Vision Statement and Mission Statement?

• Mission statement is all about the present whereas vision statement talks about where the company intends to be down the line.

• Mission statement describes the purpose and objective of the organization along with the quality of its products and services while vision statement is used to inspire the employees and all others concerned to help achieve the goals of the company.

• A mission statement is a complete picture of the present of the company whereas vision statement is a picture that tells what the company wants to look like in the future.