Difference Between Vision and Mission

Vision vs Mission


Vision and Mission are two terms that are often confused when it comes to their meaning and connotation. It is true that these terms, namely, mission and vision pertain to action and concept respectively performed by different means or methods. Mission is the action pertaining to group of individuals who have united with a common intent.

On the other hand vision is a concept or a goal that the seer or the individual strives to achieve. Vision pertains to the ultimate goal of an individual, a firm, an organization or a country as a whole. On the other hand mission pertains to a social organization, a non-governmental organization or a political movement.

Some visions may be clear and some of them may not be clear. On the contrary a mission has to be very clear in its objectives regarding its goals and performance. Visions tend to change in course of time due to the effect of other outward conditions. On the other hand the objectives of a mission are standard in their nature. They are not bound to change even in course of time.

Missions can spread to foreign soil as well. The objectives remain the same even on the foreign soil. A vision on the other hand pertains to individuality. As a matter of fact it would be interesting to note that even a mission can have a vision. Hence it can be said that vision is a common concept.

It is important to know that all the people who join together in a mission should have the same vision for that matter. Hence vision can be described as a subset of mission and not vice versa. It is often the case that some of the actions that pertain to the completion of goals are also called mission.

Thus the word ‘mission’ is generally used in the broader sense whereas the word ‘vision’ is used in the narrow sense. This is also one of the main differences between the two terms, namely, mission and vision.

We also see regularly that so many missions form to realize a particular vision. This is true in the case of political science and social science. Missions are also formed with the religious perspectives. On the other hand vision is formed with the idea of development and enhancement in mind. It is equally true that any given country would develop with true missions and visions.