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Difference Between Waxing and Shaving

Waxing vs Shaving

Waxing and shaving are two of the most essential personal care activities. Both waxing and shaving are the process of removing unwanted hair on a woman’s or at times a man’s body part. Examples of unwanted hairs are: armpit hairs, facial hair, eyebrow and pubic hairs.


Waxing is very painful to a lot of women. It is however, beneficial because the hair growth is much slower. The rate of hair re-growth is slow because removal of the hair with waxing involves the hair roots. With waxing you use a warm wax that is spread very thinly, a cloth or strip is then pressed on the wax. With a quick movement, you rip off the strip.


Shaving involves the use of a razor or shaver. This is less expensive and can be done by anyone. This is not painful as long as you do not accidentally cut yourself. Precaution should be taken into consideration when using this process because razors may cause accidental cuts on your skin. One can use a shaving cream to avoid injury.

Difference between waxing and shaving

Waxing is painful; shaving is painless. Waxing can give you at least 2-8 weeks of hair re-growth; shaving only gives you less than a week. Waxing involves using a warm wax and strips; a razor or shaver is used when shaving. Waxing is very tedious and at times involves allowing someone else to do it for your; shaving on the other hand can be done by yourself, you just need to face a mirror to do it properly. Waxing is expensive; razor is cheap and you can do it on your own.

Regardless of whether you decide to wax or shave your unwanted hairs, it is best to know which of the two you are more satisfied with. Others find waxing a bit nasty and difficult but there are some who see shaving as dangerous and a skin irritant. Your personal choice will always be the determinant of whether to indulge in waxing or plain shaving.

In brief:

• Waxing is very painful and usually entails a professional to do the job for you while shaving is pain free and you can do this on your own.

• Waxing is a tad expensive compared to that of shaving because you no longer need to purchase any waxing kits to shave. A razor will do.

• Waxing takes a long time before the hair starts to grow back, in shaving however, hair grows back as soon as the day after you last shaved.


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