Difference Between We and Us

We vs Us

‘We’ and ‘Us’ are plural forms of the pronoun I and indicate people doing something. Apart from ‘You’ and ‘It’, all other pronouns are used in sentences according to their position in the sentence. There are two forms of every pronoun, the subject and object. The form in which the pronoun is used decides its position in the sentence. This article attempts to highlight the differences between ‘we’ and ‘us’, and the context in which they are used.

For example, if ‘I’ is the subject of the sentence, ‘Me’ is the pronoun to be used, if the word is used as an object.

“I went to the market”.

Here, ‘I’ is the center of the subject in the sentence.

Ryan did not tell me the truth.

Here, it tells us that Ryan is the subject, and ‘Me’ is the object.

Similarly, He is the subject while ‘Him’ is the object, and the same can be said about ‘She’ and ‘Her’. As far as collective pronouns are concerned, ‘We’ is the subject form, while ‘Us’ is the object form. Thus, things are done by us while we do things. We go, we play, we eat, we dance, and we perform all other actions, while the train takes us from one place to another; guest takes care of us, and so on.

If one looks closely, ‘we’ is the plural of ‘I’ while ‘us’ is the plural of ‘me’. ‘We’ becomes the subject of a verb and describes people doing something. ‘us’, on the other hand, is the object of the verb that decides its place after the verb or a proposition in the sentence. Talking about a group that contains oneself it can be said that ‘we’ treat them in a friendly manner, but they do not like us. You can see that this is an example of both ‘we and ‘us’ are being used in the same sentence.


What is the difference between We and Us?

• We is the plural of I while Us is the plural of pronoun ‘Me’.

• We is the subject form of the pronoun, while Us is the object form of the pronoun.

• We do things, whereas things get done to Us.

• We can look after others while others look after Us.


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