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Difference Between Wedding and Marriage

Wedding vs Marriage

Wedding and Marriage are two words that should be used properly after understanding their meanings thoroughly. It is said that someone can have his wedding performed in a glittering way but he would end up with a broken marriage.

The observation made above clearly points out the distinction between wedding and marriage. A wedding is a ceremony whereas a marriage is a kind of bondage. This is the main difference between wedding and marriage.

In other words it can be said that marriage is a binding act whereas wedding is a function that is celebrated. These words should be carefully used so that their meanings are not often interchanged.

You often hear about ‘broken or unhappy marriages’ but not about ‘broken or unhappy weddings’. In a broken marriage the bondage between the husband and the wife gets detached. It can also be said that the binding in a marriage can be broken at times.

A wedding on the other hand is simply the act that results in the fusion of a man and a woman as the husband and the wife. Wedding is in fact an event that declares a couple as a husband a wife. On the other hand they become a couple indeed by marriage. They cease to be a couple when the marriage is broken.

Some would say that wedding is a part of marriage in the sense that it is a special event that paves the way for a marriage. In other words marriage is the real process starting from finding the bride down to the consummation procedure. On the other hand wedding is just an event that culminates in marriage.

One of the important differences between wedding and marriage is that wedding is a public event whereas marriage is a private affair within a home.

A wedding is a ceremony whereas a marriage is a kind of bondage.

Wedding is an event that declares a couple as married.


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