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Difference Between Well and Good

Well vs Good

Well and Good, though they sound same, grammatically there is much of a difference between good and well. ‘Good’ is used as an adjective whereas ‘well’ is used as an adverb.

Look at these sentences

‘He ran well in the race’

‘He is a good athlete’

In the first sentence the word ‘well’ is used as an adverb, describing how he ran. In the second sentence the word ‘good’ is used as an adjective. It describes what type of an athlete he is.

It is important to note that an action is described by the word ‘well’. For example in the sentence, ‘he sang well’, the word ‘well’ describes the quality of the action. On the other hand it is customary to describe a thing by the use of the word ‘good’. For example in the sentence, ‘he has a good voice’, the word, ‘good’ describes a thing called voice.

If you think that you are good in something say cooking or singing, then you can use ‘well’ to make your intentions clear. For example you can say when somebody invites you to take part in a singing competition, ‘I can sing well too’. Here the word ‘well’ is used to express your intention that you would like to take part in the competition and that you are good in the art of singing.

The principle mentioned above cannot be applied to the use of the word ‘good’. Occasionally the word ‘well’ can be substituted by the word ‘good’. For example in the sentence ‘he sings good’, the word ‘well’ was occasionally replaced by the word ‘good’, but the substitution is optional.

Hence follow the rule that the word ‘well’ should be used whenever you find the use of ‘good’ out of place. This is the reason why ‘good’ is often improperly used. Therefore the two words are not interchangeable.


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