Difference Between WiFi Ready and WiFi Built in Blu-ray players

WiFi Ready vs WiFi Built in Blu-ray players

Wi-Fi ready means the device is ready to accept Wi-Fi connection but no adapter is in built. You have to buy a Wi-Fi wireless adapter separately and plug in via a USB port. Where as in Wi-Fi built-in wireless adapter (Receiver) is in built with the system. You don’t need to buy separately.

Year 2010 is a remarkable year for consumer technology including TV and Player markets. Generally all the manufacturers moved into latest technologies and introduced wonderful products to the television and movie watchers. These new products bring the same immersive experience as you get in theaters in a homely environment.

Most of the players supported LAN connectivity earlier and then came with Wi-Fi ready where you need to buy a Wi-Fi wireless adaptor to access internet.  But these days most of the players like Samsung BD-C7900, Sony BDP-S770 and LG BX580 come with built in Wi-Fi to connect to Internet to play YouTube or subscribe to Netflix.

Some of the TVs come with Wi-Fi as well. But even if you don’t have Wi-Fi TV, you can use these Wi-Fi built in players to substitute them.
Manufactures have app store with lots of application to access internet TV and videos. If you have Wi-Fi connectivity you can enjoy them all. All these applications will consume your monthly data usage of your home broadband and the quality of the streaming depends on your internet connection.


  1. Wi-Fi ready means the device supports Wi-Fi connectivity but user has to buy a Wi-Fi dongle or device separately and connect to it.
  2. Wi-Fi built-in means the device itself comes with Built in Wi-Fi receiver internally. No need of external gadget to connect to internet.
  3. Both Wi-Fi ready and Built-in players’ support Internet Streaming but Wi-Fi built in is more convenient and hassle free.