Difference Between Windows Vista and Windows 7

Windows Vista vs Windows 7

Microsoft WindowsWindows 7 is an improved version of the operating system ‘Window Vista’ that supports touch technology and adds to the experience of Vista with its fast speed and several interactive multimedia features.

A operating system is required for user to interact with the features on the computer. This is where operating systems like Vista and Windows come in to make life for PC users easy. Windows 7 followed Vista and took over the operating system world with its updated features and easy to use tools. There is a significant difference between the two operating systems. A true Microsoft user will be able to pinpoint each and every difference the successor has available in better format than the predecessor.

Windows Vista

Windows Vista was the updated version of Windows XP, however the visuals in Vista were better designed and graphics made for a good experience for the users. The Vista came with better security features, speedy file search, built in Web services and better multimedia features. The Vista is available in five options, business, enterprise, home basic, home premium and ultimate. It is wise for small businesses to use the business edition whereas large corporations should opt for the enterprise package.

Windows 7

The latest operating system release by Microsoft is its Windows 7, launched in 2009. Windows 7 adds to the experience of Vista with its fast speed and several interactive multimedia features that allows computers and devices within the same parameter to be linked to one another with its ‘Play to” option. Windows 7 has an automatic plug and play device detection system whereby Windows 7 goes the long haul to provide the user with the necessary driver and if not present, Windows 7 will do an automatic run over the internet for the user. It is available in three formats, home premium, professional and ultimate.

Difference between Vista and Windows 7

What is annoying for Vista users are the icons present in the bottom right corner of the screen that feel the need to inform the user of any new installation update or that the antivirus has been updated for the umpteenth time during the day or any other information that the user might just feel bothered reading about after listening to a “bubble pop” sound, a distraction on its own. Windows 7 users however, have the authority to change the icons as they please as well as change any notification settings that previously distracted them. Therefore a new taskbar makes life easy and less distracting for a Windows 7 user.

Speed is an added benefit with Windows 7. The slow application installation on the Vista is in the past now. Windows 7 gives the user a true experience of an operating system of the present. In addition to speed, Windows 7 users have the facility of watching Internet television.


The recent rise in use of portable devices require compatible operating systems therefore unlike Vista, Windows 7 has been custom built for multi touch hardware as well as for the feather weight notebooks known as Netbooks required by users to check emails and for surfing the net. Therefore Windows 7 is the revolutionized operating system that every geek wants and every person desires.