Difference Between Wireless G Routers and N Routers

Wireless g Routers vs n Routers

Wireless G routers and N routers are two standards for wireless equipments. There has been significant advancement in wireless technology and it has proved to be quite beneficial for those people who require mobility. They are able to access the network easily and now they do not have to deal with the tangles of wires which are there in usual wired connection. Wi-Fi has become more popular than ever before and every one of us relies on this technology for the accomplishments of various tasks. It is also available in the places like coffee shops and airports. Equipments which run on wireless network are compatible one or more wireless specifications. The aim of this compatibility is to make equipments from different manufacturers inter-operable.

Wireless G Routers

This is the current standard used by most of the wireless equipments. It provides up to 54MB/sec data speed. It has been noticed that this speed is sufficient for establishing the Wi-Fi connection and internet connection. However, it is not possible to stop the development. New developments have taken place for improving this so that the connection can be made faster and stronger than ever before.

The hybrid of 802.11g; Super-G has the speed up to 108MBPS; however, it requires proprietary hardware. It has also been noticed that this speed is appropriate for carrying out businesses, sharing files over local machines and various other tasks in the daily personal or professional life.

Wireless N Routers

Wi-Fi alliance members have put in a lot of pressure for the improvement in Wireless G technology and as a result of which 802.11n has come into existence. It provides a large data rate of 600MB/sec. This is the great achievement over the older version. This technology makes use of multiple antennas so that the signal can be rebuilt quickly. This feature is known as Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO). The hardware is provided the capability to recover the original signal with the help of these signals properly.

This technology has benefited a lot of large organizations that have large databases. They are able to run the operations within the departments quite smoothly. Because of the high speed and other benefits; the cost of N routers is much more than the other technologies.

Difference between G router and N router

• N router is the latest technology and has been derived from g router.

• The speed provided by Wireless-G is 54Mbps whereas it is up to 600Mbps for Wireless-N.

• The newer technology is much faster, robust and operates on wider frequency band.

• Wireless-G operates on 2.4 GHz while the advanced version which is N routers operate on 5GHz.

• In latest technology, three antennas are implemented to ensure the high speed of the networks which is not present in G routers.

With the advancements in technologies, more updates are expected in coming days. We all know that the latest technology today will become obsolete tomorrow and better, stronger and faster technology will take its place. This is one of the major reasons why we can expect more advanced technology than Wireless N.