Difference Between Witch, Wizard and Sorcerer

Witch vs Wizard vs Sorcerer

Witch, wizard, sorcerer, enchanter, magician, mage, warlock, etc. are terms that have been associated with individuals who are believed to have magical or supernatural powers. In days far gone by, with man not knowing much about the forces of nature, let alone about the things surrounding him, these experts were the sources of knowledge as they explained things on the basis of the study of magic or witchcraft. All three namely witch and a wizard and a sorcerer are practitioners of magic, but there are subtle differences between the three experts that will be discussed in this article.


A witch is a woman who is believed to have evil and magical powers and who practices sorcery. Often a woman has a self-belief that she is a witch. There is a definition that says that all those who practice witchcraft are called witches irrespective of their sex. However, a male witch is referred to as a warlock.


Wizard is a man who is supposed to have magical powers. The word wizard has had a resurrection of sorts with the release of the Harry Potter movies with more people around the world knowing what a wizard is and what he does. Wizard as a word came into being around the 14th century after the outbreak of the Black Death in Europe. The word was probably made with joining together of wys from wise and ard to refer to someone who was wise. Thus, one having wisdom was labeled as a wizard. However, in later periods, mastery of occult and magic was considered enough for a person to be called a wizard. One finds the mention of wizards in fairy tales, and they are not always men with malicious intent as there are also wizards who are benevolent and work for the better of the society.


A sorcerer is a rare and most powerful member of the family comprising magicians of all sorts. Sorcerers are believed to master sorcery through practice and study though they must have been born in a family of magicians to be labeled as sorcerers. In most of the fairytales, sorcerers are seen wielding their power with the help of a staff. This staff helps them to concentrate the powers though they can cast their spell even without a staff. Sorcerers were believed to have the ability to harness the powers of the spirits and could cast their spell to influence the fortunes of other individuals.

What is the difference between Witch, Wizard and Sorcerer?

• All three members of the fold of the magicians can cast spells and influence the fate and fortunes of others, but a witch is an evil female whereas sorcerer and wizard are male magicians.

• Individual practicing witchcraft is called a witch, whereas individual engaging in sorcery is labeled as a sorcerer.

• Wizard was earlier a wise man, but study of occult and paranormal made him more of a magician in later years.

• Sorcerer is believed to be more powerful than a wizard and a witch.

• A sorcerer has the ability to harness the powers of spirits, and he can influence others fortunes by casting a spell.