Difference Between Worry and Anxiety

Worry vs Anxiety

Anxiety and worry are two negative emotions that are unwelcome to all of us because of the experience they bring to us. It is normal for a person to worry about the well being of his dear ones, his business or job, his assets like home and other valuables, and so on. You can also worry about the outcome of a match involving your favorite team in NFL, the result of kid’s exam, your wife’s health during pregnancy, and in general about anything under the sun. Anxiety is another similar emotional state that arises from constant worry and fear and preoccupies the mind on a single topic treating everything else as irrelevant. Because of many similarities between worry and anxiety, many people cannot differentiate between worry and anxiety with the result that they do not go to doctors to get treatment for their anxiety. This article will highlight the differences between worry and anxiety, both being emotional and psychological states of mind.


When your child falls ill, you are worried about his health and get the advice of the doctor while at the same time caring for him. Worry is an emotion that makes you do the needful and as such works to bring positive results in most cases. If you are worried about your grades in the exam, you will naturally devote more time to studies that will take care of the grades. The worry about the safety and well-being of your family and other valuable possessions makes you go for insurance of your home and life insurance of all members of your family.

As soon as emotion of worry sets in, an individual reflects by thinking constructively for possible solutions to the perceived problem.


Anxiety is a rung higher than worry and is considered to be a totally negative emotion as people suffering from anxiety recount it as a bad experience. Any issue that is perceived by our mind as worrisome can make us concentrate solely on it with our mind obsessed in the issue. This is when anxiety is said to have set in. The mind becomes inflexible, and the person tends to have unreal and imaginary fears and perceptions. There are physiological as well as psychological changes in an individual that include twitching of muscles, racing of heart beat, blood pressure going up, etc. The person afflicted with anxiety conjures up dangers of all kinds that may not be there in the first place.


What is the difference between Anxiety and Worry?

• Both worry and anxiety are horsemen that bring unhappiness to us, but while it is easier to unsaddle the horseman called worry, it is much harder to unsaddle anxiety that causes many physiological and psychological changes in the individual

• Worry is the natural reaction of the mind to events and situations, and it alerts the mind to think of possible solutions to the problems. As such, it brings positive results for people

• However, constant worrying without any apparent reason sets in Generalized Anxiety Syndrome (GAD). Patients of GAD have physical symptoms like racing heart, higher blood pressure, twitching of muscles etc for which they may be given sedative. They also show symptoms of irritability and nervousness while normal worry brings no such psychological symptoms.