Difference Between Yorkshire Terriers and Silky Terriers

Yorkshire Terriers vs Silky Terriers

Yorkshire terrier and Silky terrier are two of the most popular and loved dog breeds in the country with people spending a lot to have them as pets. In these circumstances, it becomes important to know the differences between these two breeds to have a pet that is better suited to your requirements. But people rarely know their differences. This article is meant to enable dog owners to learn more about these tow dog breeds.

Let us talk about the origins of these two breeds. Yorkshire terrier was developed from English and Scottish black and tan terriers apart from Maltese and Clydesdale terriers. From all these breeds, smallest litter were selected for breeding which is how the present day Yorkshire terrier was achieved. On the other hand, Silky terrier is a result of crossing of Yorkshire terrier and Australian terrier. This was done in the early 1800’s when Yorkshire terriers were first brought to Australia.

Differences between Yorkshire terriers and Silky terriers begin with their appearance. Their body shapes will tell you the difference. From a side view, Silky terrier looks longer than its height. On the other hand, Yorkshire terrier looks squarely in size i.e. its height and length is almost equal.

There are many notable differences in the coats of these two breeds. Silky terrier has a lighter coat which is silvery or slate blue in color while the color of the coat of Yorkshire terrier is steel blue. Silky terriers have a coat length that covers the body and can go beyond, but does not touch the floor. On the other hand, Yorkshire terriers have a longer coat that often drags down on the floor. Its coat picks up a lot of debris and leaves which you will have to remove frequently.

There are differences in the head color of the two breeds. The head of a silky terrier is deep tan while the head of Yorkshire terrier is lighter in shade.

As far as size is concerned, a Yorkshire terrier must not exceed 7 pounds in size. On the other hand, Silky terriers are 10 pounds in size. Silky terriers have slightly longer nose than Yorkshire terriers and also have almond shaped eyes. The best way to tell if a pup is Yorkshire terrier is to check the bow on its head. If the bow is there, it is certainly a Yorky.

As far as behavior and temperament are concerned, Yorkshire terriers are friendlier with children and often playful while Silky terriers are aggressive in nature. They should not be left alone with toddlers or other smaller pets.

In brief:

• Yorkshire terrier has origins with several English and Scottish breeds whereas Silky terrier is a cross between Yorkshire terrier and Australian terrier.

• Both are similar in looks but Silky is a bit heavier than Yorkshire terrier.

• Silky are aggressive in nature while Yorkshire are more playful and easier to train.