Difference Between Empathy and Apathy

Empathy vs Apathy

Empathy vs Apathy   Difference between empathy and apathy exists in the meaning of the words itself. Empathy and apathy are two different words that are used when referring to human interaction. Relationships and day to day engagements with others play a key role in the life of all humans. In these interactions, people can […]

Difference Between Affluent and Effluent

Difference Between Affluent and Effluent

Affluent vs Effluent   There is a clear difference between the meanings of Affluent and Effluent even though they appear quite similar when paying attention to the words itself. If you observe closely the only difference between the two words, stem from the first letter of both words. In the word affluent, it is an […]

Difference Between Artifact and Fossil

Artifact vs Fossil

Artifact vs Fossil   The key difference between artifact and fossil can be explained simply as follows: the artifact is man-made while the fossil is nature-made. Both artifact and fossil can be defined as the interests of archaeological studies. An artifact can be described as an object made by humans and also it is a work […]

Difference Between Plant Cell and Bacterial Cell

Difference Between Plant Cell and Bacterial Cell

Plant Cell vs Bacterial Cell   The plant and bacteria being eukaryote and prokaryote respectively attribute to the difference between plant cell and bacterial cell. Animals, plants, fungi, and protoctists are considered as eukaryotes due to the presence of double-membraned organelles with the genetic materials enclosed in a nucleus. Unlike the eukaryotes, prokaryotes lack such […]

Difference Between Emotion and Sentiment

Emotion vs Sentiment

Emotion vs Sentiment   The words emotion and sentiment are used interchangeably by most of us, even though, there exists a difference between the concepts of the two. These terms, emotion and sentiment, are widely used in psychology. Emotion refers to a complex psychological state such as happiness, anger, jealousy, grief, etc. Sentiment, on the other hand, […]

Difference Between Verbal and Written Warning

Verbal vs Written Warning

Verbal vs Written Warning   The difference between verbal warning and written warning might seem relatively clear-cut at first sight. Verbal warning and written warning, particularly in a legal context, represent the stages in a formal disciplinary and/or corrective action. For those of us who are not familiar with the terms, verbal warning and written […]

Difference Between Leaching and Extraction

Difference Between Leaching and Extraction

Leaching vs Extraction   The difference between leaching and extraction can be explained in terms of the chemical principles used in these two processes. Both leaching and extraction refer to the isolation of one or several compounds from a mixture that they are originally present in. When a solid mixture is brought in contact with a […]

Difference Between Anger and Resentment

Difference Between Anger and Resentment

Anger vs Resentment   The difference between anger and resentment stems from the way we come to feel these emotions. Anger and resentment are emotions that often go together. Anger refers to a strong feeling of displeasure. Resentment, on the other hand, is a feeling of bitterness that the individual experiences. Even though most people […]

Difference Between Legitimate and Illegitimate Child

Legitimate vs Illegitimate Child

Legitimate vs Illegitimate Child   Identifying the difference between the terms legitimate and illegitimate child is not difficult. Indeed, many of us are somewhat familiar with the meaning of both terms. Essentially, they refer to a lawful child or unlawful child. However, given the harshness of the term ‘unlawful’ or ‘illegitimate,’ particularly with reference to […]

Difference Between Theory and Research

Theory vs Research

Theory vs Research   Though theory and research are inseparable terms in the field of education, there exists a difference between them. Both theory and research are concepts used in almost all the study fields. Theory is a generalized thinking or a conclusion of something which is a result of an analysis. Theory could be defined […]