Difference Between Axial and Appendicular

Axial vs Appendicular The human skeletal system is composed of individual and attached bones, with the support of ligaments, muscles, tendons, and cartilage. The skeletal system has supportive, protective and locomotive functions. The primary component, the bones, is made up of crystallized calcium minerals arranged over and around a protein matrix, which helps to withstand […]

Difference Between PMS and Pregnancy Symptoms

PMS vs Pregnancy Symptoms Although the culture of health seeking behaviour is changing, still some men and women are oblivious to the differences of pregnancy symptoms and pre menstrual syndrome symptoms. One is that of altered physiology, whereas the other is normal physiology. The identification of the first signs of pregnancy is important because the […]

Difference Between Plasma and Serum

Plasma vs Serum A common misconception among people is that plasma and serum is the same thing. They are two different substances with a common precursor solution and containing constituents, which makes them unique and required for various medical procedures. The common precursor is blood, and the level of purification of the blood is the […]

Difference Between Pie and Cobbler

Pie vs Cobbler All of us are fond of desserts, of which pie is an important variety. It is made with pastry dough that is full of sweet ingredients and is normally baked. There is another sweet dish called cobbler that confuses many as it is almost similar to pies. This is because it is […]

Difference Between Mushrooms and Toadstools

Mushrooms vs Toadstools Mushrooms are eaten ion all parts of the world because of their taste and health benefits. They are fruiting bodies of fungi that are commonly seen in lawns and gardens, though they are being produced commercially to meet the growing demands of people worldwide. There is another word toadstool that is common […]

Difference Between Mushrooms and Fungus

Mushrooms vs Fungus We all know that mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of fungi, and so to find the differences between mushrooms and fungi is like finding difference between apples and apple trees. But apples are certainly different from apple trees, aren’t they? Mushrooms are fungi that result from decaying of materials. If you leave […]

Difference Between Metro and Subway

Metro vs Subway If you are a major city dweller that has a large population, chances are that your city has a mass transit system or rapid transit system known variously in different part of the world like underground, metro, subway, or metropolitan railway system. These are all names of electricity driven railways that were […]

Difference Between Hutu and Tutsi

Hutu vs Tutsi For many of us who have been watching disturbing news about genocide in Rwanda and Burundi since the last decade of 20th century, the most worrying part is how and why would two ethnic groups become so hostile, so as to kill and try to annihilate each other? Yes, we are talking […]