Difference Between Private and Public Companies

Private vs Public Companies A company is a separate legal entity and is isolated from the owners of the business. Many of us have observed that some company names are followed by the suffix ‘Pvt. Ltd’ and others are followed by ‘PLC’. These names denote private limited companies and public limited companies, and both these […]

Difference Between Sole Proprietorship and Partnership

Sole Proprietorship vs Partnership Sole proprietorship and partnership are both arrangements made in the formation of a business, depending on the scope of the business activities and requirements in terms of the variety of skills and additional funds needed. These two forms of business arrangements are very different to each other because of the number […]

Difference Between Limited Partnership and General Partnership

Limited Partnership vs General Partnership A partnership is a form of business arrangement in which a particular business will be owned and operated by a number of people, known as partners of the business. In this article, we discuss general and limited partnerships. The two are different from each other based on how these partnerships […]

Difference Between PVD and CVD

PVD vs CVD | CVD Coating vs PVD Coating PVD and CVD are coating techniques, which can be used to deposit thin films on various substrates. Coating of substrates is important on many occasions. Coating can improve the functionality of the substrate; introduce new functionality onto the substrate, protect it from external harmful forces, etc. […]

Difference Between North Pole and South Pole

North Pole vs South Pole North Pole and South Pole are two very important topics in magnetism. These concepts are extremely valuable when it comes to the fields like navigation, physics, electromagnetic theory, electrical engineering, power generation and various other fields. It is compulsory to have a clear understanding in these concepts in order to […]

Difference Between Newton and Joule

Newton vs Joule Joule and Newton are two units, which are widely used in the SI system. These units are extremely important, and a sound understanding in them is required. Read on to know, what Newton is, what Joule is, what are their definitions and finally the differences between Newton and Joule. What is Newton? […]

Difference Between Gravitational Mass and Inertial Mass

Gravitational Mass vs Inertial Mass Gravitational mass and inertial mass are two widely debated and very useful concepts in physics. These two are defined using different approaches and require different measuring methods. These two concepts are extremely important in the field of classical mechanics. In this article, we are going to discuss what gravitational and […]

Difference Between Emission and Continuous Spectrum

Emission vs Continuous Spectrum Spectrums are graphs of light. Emission spectrums and continuous spectrums are two out of the three types of spectrums. The other type is the absorption spectrum. The applications of spectrums are enormous. It can be used to measure the elements and bonds of a compound. It even can be used to […]

Difference Between Wasp and Bee

Wasp vs Bee Wasp and bee are two groups of hymenopterans with distinctive features exhibited between them. Therefore, understanding the differences is interesting and knowing their characteristics would enhance the process. This article presents information on both wasps and bees (honeybees) and performs a comparison between them, as well. Wasp Wasps are insects of the […]