Difference Between Gelding and Stallion

Gelding vs Stallion   Both gelding and stallion are horses with different reproductive conditions. Horse has been one of the closest animals with man for a long time that dates back almost 4,000 years in the recorded history. The main reason for that long unbroken relationship with man is the great ability of horses to […]

Difference Between Nocturnal and Diurnal

Nocturnal vs Diurnal   Biological organisms have biological clocks to facilitate them with the times to be active in order to fulfil their requirements. Usually, a day (24 hours) is the main temporal unit of biological species and the main times are the daytime and nighttime. Organisms could be divided into two main groups, based […]

Difference Between Population and Community

Population vs Community   Population and community are two different levels of biotic assemblages in any ecosystem. These are terms used in ecology, to understand the different ecologically important levels. There are difference characteristics about the two levels and the two should be understood separately in order to identify the difference between those. Population Population […]

Difference Between Aphasia and Dysphasia

Aphasia vs Dysphasia   Aphasia and dysphasia are language associated conditions. Specific regions of the brain control the understanding, written and spoken language. Frontal lobe and temporal lobe of the brain contains two of these key areas. According to these anatomical and functional relationships, neuroscientists divide aphasia and dysphasia into many sub categories. In essence, […]

Difference Between Conjugated and Unconjugated Bilirubin

Conjugated vs Unconjugated Bilirubin   Bilirubin is a compound containing four pyrrole rings connected to a larger porphyrin ring. It is a result of hemoglobin breakdown. It is very similar to phytochrome and phycobilin of certain plants and algae. It exists in two isomers. Naturally occurring form is ZZ-isomer. Bilirubin isomerizes when exposed to light. […]

Difference Between Encephalitis and Meningitis

Encephalitis vs Meningitis   Meningitis and encephalitis have similar causes and symptoms. There is a certain degree of brain inflammation in meningitis and a certain degree of meningeal inflammation in encephalitis. However, they are two different conditions. This article will talk about both encephalitis and meningitis in detail, highlighting their clinical features, symptoms, causes, investigation […]

Difference Between Carcinoma and Melanoma

Carcinoma vs Melanoma   Carcinoma is the medical term for serious invasive cancer of epithelial origin. Melanoma, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, and esophageal cancer are a few examples of carcinomas. This article will look into these two terms in detail, highlighting the causes, clinical features, symptoms, investigation and diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of melanoma. What […]

Difference Between Spotting and Bleeding

Spotting vs Bleeding   Spotting and bleeding are in the same spectrum. While bleeding is significant, spotting refers to a scanty amount of bleeding. The differences between the two are the causes, the amount, and the treatment. This article will talk about both spotting and bleeding in detail, highlighting the clinical features, causes, symptoms, investigation […]

Difference Between Systolic and Diastolic Heart Failure

Systolic vs Diastolic Heart Failure   Diastolic heart failure is a condition where the ventricles do not fill adequately under normal pressures and volumes. Systolic heart failure is a condition where the heart does not pump well. Both conditions are on the rise. According to the world health organization, the recent pandemic rise of ischemic […]