Difference Between Baptism and Confirmation

Baptism vs Confirmation   Religion provides a basis upon which human beings can build their faith. Throughout history, there have been times when a single religion has been divided into subsection so as to suit the personal beliefs of its followers. When speaking of religion, one cannot remain without discussing the various practices that are […]

Difference Between Rum and Cachaca

Rum vs Cachaca   When it comes to alcohol, it is a common feat to be left confused by its wide variety, especially for those unacquainted with the field. To add to the confusion, there are certain spirits that strongly resemble one another, thereby further confounding the inexperienced. Rum and cachaca are two such spirits […]

Difference Between Auricle and Atrium

Figure 1: Human Heart

Auricle vs Atrium   The heart is a muscular pump that maintains the blood circulation throughout the body. The heart has four chambers. The upper chambers are called atria while the lower chambers are the ventricles. Right and left atria bring blood into the heart.Articles are found attaching to atria. Both atrium and auricle have […]

Difference Between Male and Female Fruit Flies

Male vs Female Fruit Fly   Fruit flies are insects categorized under the Family Drosophilidae.Two genera comes under this family, namely Drosophila melanogaster or common fruit fly and Drosophila suzukii or Asian fruit fly. Common fruit fly is an important organism and widely used for genetic analysis in modern biology because it has only four […]

Difference Between FII and QFI

FII vs QFI   Foreign investment is the process in which an investor from one country makes an investment in the stock markets of another country. Foreign investments are beneficial to a country as it brings an inflow of capital, thereby fuelling expansion, investment, employment and bringing about economic development. However, stringent regulations and requirements […]

Difference Between Recourse and Non-Recourse Debt

Recourse vs Non-Recourse Debt   When a bank or financial institution grants loans they require an asset to be pledged as collateral for the loan, which usually is the asset or property that the loan funds were utilized to purchase. The collateral that is pledged to the bank is used by the bank to recover […]