Difference Between Adenine and Guanine


Adenine vs Guanine   Nuclear acids are nucleotide polymers, which contain four different nucleotide bases; adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine (uracil in RNA). These four bases can be put into two major categories namely purines and pyrimidines. Adenine and guanine are the purines while cytosine, thymine, and uracil are the pyrimidines. To keep the same […]

Difference Between Sensory and Motor Neurons

Difference Between Sensory and Motor Neurons

Sensory vs Motor Neurons   Neurons are the functional and structural units of vertebrate nervous system. They make the communication network of the nervous system and transfer impulses between sensory organs, and central and peripheral nervous systems. There are about 200 billion neurons are integrated in the nerve network of an average person. Neuron is […]

Difference Between Sensory and Motor Nerves

Sensory and Motor Nerves

Sensory vs Motor Nerves   The nervous system controls all activities of the body, both voluntary and involuntary. The somatic nervous system regulates all the voluntary controlled activities such as walking, talking etc. while the autonomic nervous system controls the activities under involuntary control, such as digestion, dilation etc. (Read more: Difference Between Somatic and […]

Difference Between Atria and Ventricles

Image of heart anatomy

Atria vs Ventricles   Human circulatory system has a four- chambered heart with two separate atria two separate ventricles. The main function of heart is to pump blood to all the body parts through the blood veins. The human heart maintains two types of circulation cycles called pulmonary circulation and systemic circulation. According to these […]

Difference Between Cervix and Uterus

Uterus Image

Cervix vs Uterus   Uterus and cervix are important muscular structures of the reproduction system in females. These structures facilitate the development of embryo and fetus during pregnancy.  In nonpregnant periods, uterus and cervix help to maintain the menstruation cycle and provide protection for the reproduction system of females. The physiologies of uterus and cervix […]

Difference Between Ovary and Uterus


Ovary vs Uterus   The female reproductive system of human is basically composed of internal structures including ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix, and vagina and external structures including vulva, labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, vestibule, hymen, vaginal orifice, and vestibular glands. The main functions of this system include generation of eggs (oogenesis), the transportation of […]

Difference Between Corn and Wart

Corn vs Wart   Warts and corns are common lesions seen on foot. They are raised, rough, and firm areas of skin. They can even look alike. However, they are two different entities; warts are caused by infection and are contagious while corns are caused by mechanical pressure and are not contagious. This article will […]

Difference Between Pink Eye and Allergies

Pink Eye vs Allergies   Pink eye can occur due to many reasons. Allergy is one of those reasons. However, allergic reactions may or may not be restricted to the eye, and severe allergies may result in anaphylactic shock. This article will talk about both pink eye and allergies and the differences between them in […]