Difference Between Strep Throat and Tonsillitis

Strep Throat vs Tonsillitis   When you go to a doctor complaining of a sore throat he might say that you have strep throat or that you have tonsillitis. If you are a non-medical person, you might not know the difference between these two. At the onset, it is important to emphasize that there are […]

Difference Between Cirrhosis and Liver Cancer

Cirrhosis vs Liver Cancer   Cirrhosis and liver cancer are two major liver pathologies encountered in the alcoholic individuals. Both conditions are life threatening conditions. Initially they may present with similar features, but it is very important to understand the basic differences between the two in a clinical standpoint, as well as on the side […]

Difference Between Coagulation and Clotting

Coagulation vs Clotting   Coagulation and clotting are the same phenomenon. Medical term is coagulation while the lay term is clotting. Clotting is an easy term and doctors also are not above using it. Clot formation is one of the most important protective mechanisms in the body. It prevents exsanguinating bleeding and infection, and it […]

Difference Between Coronary Heart Disease and Cardiovascular Disease

Coronary Heart Disease vs Cardiovascular Disease   Coronary heart diseases and cardiovascular diseases have come into the spotlight due to the recent boom in non-communicable diseases, in the world. The world health organization (WHO) has prioritized prevention and control of these non-communicable diseases in their health care strategies. Ischemic heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, and chronic […]

Difference Between Fibromyalgia and MS

Fibromyalgia vs MS   Fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis are two conditions, which are so similar that it is very difficult to differentiate between the two. However, there are a few differences that are discussed below in detail in addition to the clinical features, symptoms, causes, investigation and diagnosis, prognosis, and the course of treatment of […]

Difference Between Fibromyalgia and Polymyalgia

Fibromyalgia vs Polymyalgia   Fibromyalgia and polymyalgia are two conditions presenting similar signs and symptoms. Even experienced clinicians have difficulty in differentiating these two conditions. Despite similar presentations, there are some differences between the two, which are discussed below in detail while highlighting the clinical features, symptoms, causes, investigation and diagnosis, prognosis, and the course […]

Difference Between Testosterone and Steroids

Steroid Hormones

Testosterone vs Steroids   Hormone is a secretion of ductless gland that can regulate physiological, morphological and biochemical actions upon the release and transportation to target cells or organs through the blood stream. Hormones can be classified into three categories based on their chemical nature; (1) Amines (amino acid derivatives), (2) Proteins and polypeptides, and […]

Difference Between Hyphae and Mycelium

Difference Between Hyphae and Mycelium

Hyphae vs Mycelium   Fungi are eukaryotic heterotrophs that have cell walls made up of chitin. Because of this characteristic features, they are classified in a separate Kingdom called Kingdom Fungi. In this Kingdom, there are more than 7000 species that have been identified so far; there may be more to find. Similar to animals, […]

Difference Between Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer

Prostatitis vs Prostate Cancer   Prostate cancer and prostatitis are conditions that are unique to males because females do not have a prostate. Prostate symptoms are common in the elderly, and it is important to differentiate between the two because one is a simple condition while the other is a very serious condition. This article […]

Difference Between Thrush, Herpes and Yeast Infection

Thrush vs Herpes vs Yeast Infection   Yeast infection and herpes infection both affect the female genital system and oral cavity. These are the common presentations that may be confusing. Yeast infection is also known as thrush because all candida infections in humans cause a characteristic white discharge. It is important to differentiate between these […]