Difference Between Pansexual and Bi

Pansexual vs Bi   Each individual is unique, featuring a unique identity of their own. This includes their race, their ethnicity, language, culture and even their sexuality. Pansexual and bisexual are two such sexual identities that exist in the world. However as identities go, they sometimes tend to be confused between one another and be […]

Difference Between Project Management and General Management

Project Management vs General Management   The differences between project management and general management are actually not very distinct. However, a few differences between the two set the two apart, giving them each a unique definition. What is Project Management? Project management is comprised of organizing, planning, motivating, and controlling procedures, resources and protocols to […]

Difference Between Chord Secant and Tangent


Chord vs Secant vs Tangent   Chord, secant, and tangent are lines intersecting curved lines. These are basic geometric constructs with interesting mathematical properties. What is a Chord? In a plane (2D Geometry), a line segment joining two points on a curve is called a chord. The term is often used to describe a line […]

Difference Between Roots and Zeroes

Roots and Zeroes | Difference Between

Roots vs Zeroes   A root of an equation is a value at which the equation is satisfied. A polynomial equation may have one or more roots depending on the degree of the polynomial; these roots can be either real or complex. In other forms of equations, roots can be values or functions. “Zeroes” is […]

Difference Between Axiom and Postulate

Axiom vs Postulate   If you have read a mathematics book beyond high school mathematics, you would have undoubtedly encountered at least one of the terms postulate and axiom. Especially in the beginning of some elaborate mathematical proof or theory we find these terms. If you are familiar with Euclid’s Geometry, you know that the […]

Difference Between PROM and EPROM

PROM vs EPROM   In electronics and computing, memory elements are essential to store data and retrieve them afterwards. In earliest stages, magnetic tapes were used as memory and with the semiconductor revolution memory elements were also developed based on semiconductors. EPROM and EEPROM are non-volatile semiconductor memory types. If a memory element cannot retain […]

Difference Between EPROM and EEPROM

EPROM vs EEPROM   EEPROM and EPROM are two types of memory storage elements developed in the 1970s. These are non-volatile erasable and reprogrammable memory types and are commonly used in hardware programming. What is EPROM? EPROM stands for Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory, also a category of non-volatile memory devices which can be programmed […]

Difference Between Asteroid and Comet

Asteroid and Comet | Difference Between

Asteroid vs Comet   Asteroids and comets are celestial bodies, which are smaller in size compared to the planets and their moons. They belong to the category of astronomical objects known as “Planetoids”. What are Asteroids? Asteroids are small, irregularly shaped, rocky celestial bodies in space, and they have the meaning “minor planets”. There are […]