Difference Between Fatty Acids and Triglycerides

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Fatty Acids vs Triglycerides   Lipids are a class of nutrients that mainly include triglycerides (fats and oils), phospholipids, and sterols. Fatty acid and triglycerides are organic substances; contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen atoms.   What are Fatty Acids? Fatty acids are organic substances made up of a long carbon chain with hydrogen atoms attached […]

Difference Between White and Brown Adipose Tissue

White vs Brown Adipose Tissue   Adipose tissue is composed of densely packed adipose cells known as adipocytes. Depending on the nature of the adipocytes, there are two types of adipose tissues present in the body, namely; white adipose tissue and brown adipose tissue. The adipose tissues are mainly responsible for the lipid storage and […]

Difference Between Dill and Fennel

Dill vs Fennel   Dill and fennel, being two very popularly used herbs in cooking a variety of dishes, tend to get confused for one another in terms of flavour and the general appearance. However, dill and fennel each possess unique characteristics that directly affect the nature of the dishes that they are used in. […]

Difference Between Council and Committee

Council vs Committee   When it comes to taking decisions and executing power, there are many bodies that are involved with the process at different levels. At a glance, these bodies or groups of people may seem very similar and yet many factors that constitute them set them apart. Committee and council are two such […]

Difference Between Competence and Performance

Competence vs Performance   Competence and performance are two words commonly used in many fields such as human resources, education, skills development, training etc. However, due to the proximity of the two words and the similarity of contexts in which they are utilized, competency and performance are often used interchangeably despite their many differences. What […]

Difference Between Affiliate and Subsidiary

Affiliate vs Subsidiary   Affiliate and subsidiary are two terms that are widely heard of in business terminology. When speaking of corporations and large scale companies, these two terms are used profusely, thereby sometimes confusing the laymen in terms of their definitions. As a result, one often ends up using the two terms interchangeably which […]