Difference Between Roosevelt and Wilson

Roosevelt vs Wilson   Roosevelt and Wilson are two towering personalities in the history of modern America both of whom became the President of the US and served for two terms each. While both were Progressive Presidents, they had different paths in their minds, and both espoused different approaches or methods to reach out to […]

Difference Between Lentivirus and Retrovirus

Lentivirus vs Retrovirus   Viruses are considered as genetic elements enclosed with protein. These particles are not considered as living organisms as they lack certain key features which exist in living organisms including cell structures and independent replication. Due to this reason, virus particles are called virions, but not virus cells. Moreover, virions are not […]

Difference Between Lymphocyte and Lymphoblast

Lymphocyte vs Lymphoblast   Lymphocyte and lymphoblast are white blood cells and can be visible in the peripheral blood system. These cells are extremely important to maintain certain immune activities in the body. Lymphocyte is produced in primary and secondary lymphoid organs. During the maturation of lymphocyte, it undergoes three-cell stages; lymphoblast, prolymphocyte and mature […]

Difference Between Parthenogenesis and Hermaphroditism

Parthenogenesis vs Hermaphroditism   There are various different reproductive strategies present among animals as well as among plants. All the reproductive strategies can be categorized into two types; sexual and asexual reproduction. The most common reproduction method is the sexual reproduction, where male gamete (sperm) and female gamete (ovum) are required to produce a haploid […]

Difference Between Protozoa and Helminths

Protozoa vs Helminths   Protozoa and helminths are two major groups of organisms acting as parasites and are able to cause various infections to humans. In definition, parasites are the organisms that live in or on other organisms (called host), and are capable of damaging the host. This biological relationship or the phenomenon is known […]

Difference Between Right and Left Clavicle

Right vs Left Clavicle   Clavicle or collar bone is a unique bone among diaphyseal bones in the human body due to its development, structure, shape and anatomic relationships. Clavicle is the first bone that ossifies during the embryonic development. The name is given for this unique bone mainly due to its S-shaped curvature that […]

Difference Between Saturated and Unsaturated Fatty Acids

Saturated Fatty Acid_Caproic Acid

Saturated vs Unsaturated Fatty Acids   Fatty acids are composed of unbranched carbon chains with a carboxyl group at one end. They comprise of various components in the body including phospholipids, triglycerides, diglycerides, monoglyceride, and sterol esters. Most common fatty acids have the chain length of 16 to 18 number of carbons. Based on the […]

Difference Between Arginine and L-Arginine

Arginine vs L-Arginine   Arginine is an α- amino acid commonly abbreviated as ‘Arg’ which was first isolated by a Swiss chemist named Ernst Schultze in 1886 from a lupin seedling extract. The significant presence of the element ‘N’ is a specialty in the chemical structure of Arginine and hence, is useful in the synthesis […]