Difference Between Isolation and Alienation

Alienation vs Isolation   Alienation and isolation express similar condition or feeling of being alone or loneliness. There are many similarities and quite a bit of overlap between isolation and alienation. In fact, many people tend to think of these terms as synonymous and use them interchangeably. Despite similarities, there are differences between isolation and […]

Difference Between Airlines and Airways

Airlines vs Airways   Have you ever noticed why some of the air transport companies carrying passengers or freight are called airlines while some other ones prefer to be called airways? No one pays any attention to the suffix that is used by the company, and you are happy as long as the company takes […]

Difference Between Land Reform and Agrarian Reform

Land Reform vs Agrarian Reform   Reform is a word that means to improve or rectify a present situation, political or social system, or even an institution. It is mostly a government or authority initiated improvement that aims to bring changes in the lives of its people. The word is inextricably associated with agriculture and […]

Difference Between Anaphase and Telophase

Anaphase vs Telophase   Unlike the prokaryotes, eukaryotes have relatively large and more complex genome. Therefore, in order to produce new daughter cells, the presence of well-organized cell cycle is a crucial factor. The cell cycle can be divided into five phases; 1. G1 phase, which is the longest and primary growth phase of the […]

Difference Between Agronomy and Horticulture

Agronomy vs Horticulture   Agriculture, farming, horticulture, agronomy, etc. are some of the words that are used to describe the process involved in preparing the land for raising and cultivating plants and crops. Of these, the two terms that are most confusing for laymen are agronomy and horticulture though many people remember horticulture as they […]

Difference Between Telophase and Cytokinesis

Telophase vs Cytokinesis   All the cells arise from an existing cell through the process called cell division. Cell division takes place according to the sequence of events known as cell division cycle or cell cycle. Duration of cell cycle may vary from 2 to 3 hours in a single- celled organism to around 24 […]

Difference Between Pelvis and Hip

Author: BruceBlaus, Source: Own work

Pelvis vs Hip   Pelvis and hip are two different, but entirely interrelated skeletal parts located in the lower part of the human body. Several bones are arranged to make these strong bony parts, especially the pelvis. Pelvis and hip are very important as they give rigid support to the body by connecting the lower […]

Difference Between LNG and LPG

LNG vs LPG   LNG and LPG are energy sources. They are flammable, and combustion releases energy. Both are mixtures which are mainly composed of hydrocarbons. Both LNG and LPG are composed of gases, but they are converted to liquid form in order to store and transport easily. So they are stored under high pressurised […]