Difference Between Stress and Distress

Stress vs Distress   Stress and distress are closely related. One could argue that distress causes stress or vice versa. Stress in a more “non-technical” meaning could mean the same thing as distress. In medical terms, however, these two have some identifiable differences. What is Stress? The definition of stress has evolved over the years […]

Difference Between Fundamental and Derived Quantities

Fundamental vs Derived Quantities   Experimentation is a core aspect of physics and other physical sciences. Theories and other hypothesis are verified and established as scientific truth by means of experiments conducted. Measurements are an integral part of experiments, where the magnitudes of and the relations amongst different physical quantities are used to verify the […]

Difference Between Wax and Oil

Wax vs Oil   Wax, oil, fats etc. are lipids that are molecules made up of hydrocarbons. These molecules are not water soluble and play a very important role in the structure and functioning of cells of living beings. Both wax and oil are sticky products. However, despite both being viscous and water insoluble chemicals, […]

Difference Between Vocation and Profession

Vocation vs Profession   There are many different words used to indicate the job or work that an individual does to make a living for himself and his family. These include, employment, job, profession, vocation, occupation, and so on. People remain especially confused between vocation and profession as they have similar meanings and often used […]

Difference Between Wander and Wonder

Wander vs Wonder   Wander and wonder are two English verbs that are quite different in meaning from one another. They are, however, enough to confuse the students of English language, particularly when they come out of the mouths of Americans and Britons. If you are learning English, you should be careful in catching these […]

Difference Between Waxing and Sugaring

Sugaring vs Waxing   Waxing is one of the most popular methods of removing hair from body parts to look and feel attractive. Women have been using various wax products to get rid of hairs from under arms, legs, and other parts of the body since ages. Of late, there is another term sugaring that […]

Difference Between Circumference, Diameter and Radius


Circumference vs Diameter vs Radius   Radius, diameter, and circumference are measurements of three important properties of a circle. Diameter and Radius A circle is defined as the locus of a point at a constant distance from a fixed point on a two dimensional plane. The fixed point is known as the center. The constant […]

Difference Between Pyramid and Prism


Prism vs Pyramid   Prisms and Pyramids are solid (three dimensional) geometrical objects. Both prisms and pyramids are polyhedrons; solid objects with polygonal shape surfaces. They are not often found in nature, but most useful in mathematics, science and technology. Prism The prism is a polyhedron; it is a solid object consisting of two congruent (similar […]