Difference Between Hypoglycemia and Diabetes

Hypoglycemia vs Diabetes   Hypoglycemia and diabetes are conditions related to blood sugar levels. Diabetes is a disease associated with elevated blood sugar level while hypoglycemia is low blood sugar level. However, hypoglycemia is a known complication of diabetes. This article will talk about both hypoglycemia and diabetes in detail highlighting their clinical features, symptoms, […]

Difference Between Herpes and Ingrown Hair

Herpes vs Ingrown Hair   Herpes simplex lesions and tiny abscesses caused by ingrown hair look very similar at the first glance. Many do not know how to differentiate between the two even though there is a simple way. Herpes is a viral infection. Ingrown hair causes pimples because of hair tunnels into the skin. […]

Difference Between Autism and Down Syndrome

Autism vs Down Syndrome   Autism and Down syndrome are well known causes of mental retardation. There are other causes of mental retardation, as well. However, these two are important because Down syndrome represents the pure genetic end of the spectrum while autism represents the purely psychological end. Even though some studies have suggested a […]

Difference Between Arrhythmia and Dysrhythmia

Arrhythmia vs Dysrhythmia   Both arrhythmia and dysrhythmia mean the same. Arrhythmia means no regular rhythm and dysrhythmia means abnormal rhythm. Disturbances of cardiac rhythm or arrhythmias are common in people, often benign, and often intermittent. However, they can be severe sometimes leading to cardiac compromise. This article will take a closer look at arrhythmia, highlighting […]

Difference Between Angiogram and Angioplasty

Angiogram vs Angioplasty   Angiogram is an imaging investigation. Angioplasty is a reconstruction of blocked blood vessels. Vascular surgeons do angiogram to assess the status of blood flow before they decide to do angioplasty. This article will talk about angioplasty and angiogram in detail highlighting what they are, their procedure, and complications. What is Angiogram? […]

Difference Between Abortion and Miscarriage

Abortion vs Miscarriage   In context, abortion and miscarriage mean different things. Both speak of a termination of pregnancy. Abortion is a colloquial term and may mean induced termination of pregnancy. Miscarriage speaks of a spontaneous termination or threat at termination of the pregnancy. Here, I use the term “abortion” to refer to induced termination […]

Difference Between Cyst and Abscess

Cyst vs Abscess   Though both abscess and cyst are sac like structures containing fluids enclosed by walls, abscess forms due to an infection or a foreign body, and cyst forms spontaneously. However, if a cyst is infected, it can easily turn into an abscess. Ultrasonically both look the same. This article will talk about […]

Difference Between Malaria and Dengue

Malaria vs Dengue   Dengue and malaria are both mosquito borne fevers. Both are tropical illnesses. Both diseases feature fever, malaise, lethargy, body ache and headache. Dengue febrile phase lasts three days while malaria has a three day recurrent fever. Dengue Dengue is a viral disease. Dengue is caused by RNA flavivirus that has four […]

Difference Between Hypertension and Hypotension

Hypertension vs Hypotension   People confuse hypertension and hypotension simply because they sound similar. But, hypotension is low blood pressure and hypertension is high blood pressure. What is Hypotension? Hypotension is low blood pressure. The heart pumps out blood into general circulation and the vessel wall elasticity, capacity of vessels and the nerve impulses help […]

Difference Between Family Practice and General Practice

Family Practice vs General Practice   Family practice and general practice are the same. What is known as family practice in USA is known as general practice in European countries. The scope and responsibilities are the same even though the name is different. According to the World Health Organization, family medicine is treating patients in […]