Difference Between Fibroid and Polyp

Fibroid vs Polyp   Fibroids and polyps are both common gynecological conditions encountered in clinical practice. Even though there are different types of fibroids and polyps, endometrial polyps and uterine fibroids are the two entities that usually cause confusion. Both conditions have somewhat similar presentations and ultrasound scan findings also can be equivocal. Despite these […]

Difference Between Amniotic Fluid and Urine

Amniotic Fluid vs Urine   Amniotic fluid and urine are two important fluids in the animal body. They serve many functions in the body. However, the main component of these two fluids is water. The anatomy and physiology of urine and amniotic fluid vary widely. Amniotic Fluid Amniotic fluid is a colorless fluid that is […]

Difference Between Fungi and Parasites

Fungi vs Parasites   Both fungi and parasites cause various diseases to humans. Not only humans, but parasites cause diseases to other animals and plants, as well. Parasites are the organisms which are adapted to a mode of life called parasitism, which is categorized as a type of symbiotic relationship between two different organisms. Certain […]

Difference Between Testosterone and Estrogen

Testosterone vs Estrogen   Even though testosterone and estrogen are called ‘male’ and female’ hormones respectively, both males and females produce both these hormones in their adrenal glands. However, female testosterone levels are very low (ten times less than that of men), and most of the time they are converted into estrogen by a biochemical […]

Difference Between Yeast Infection and STD

Yeast Infection vs STD   Yeast infection and sexually transmitted diseases are two different clinical entities. While yeast infections can transmit via intimate sexual contact, yeast infection is not medically classified as a sexually transmitted disease. Because Yeast transmits via sexual contact and can cause urethritis in the male and, therefore, it may be considered […]

Difference Between Melanin and Melatonin

Difference Between Melanin and Melatonin

Melanin vs Melatonin   Melanin and melatonin are two chemically related substances, but with many different characteristic features. Their origin, function, chemical composition and location in the human body vary widely, and which will be discussed here in detail. What is Melanin? Melanin is one of the major pigments found in human skin, which determines […]

Difference Between Navy Blue Royal Blue and Cobalt Blue

Navy Blue Royal Blue vs Cobalt Blue   Blue is one color that has been a favorite of millions of people around the world. This is because it is a very soothing color and also because it reminds us of the skies and the oceans, both of which reflect blue colors to appear to us […]

Difference Between Sculling and Rowing

Sculling vs Rowing   Rowing is a very exciting outdoor sport that requires an individual to maneuver a boat forward by making movements of oars backwards using their hands. There is another sport called sculling that looks very similar to rowing as players in this sport too seem to be moving the boat on water […]

Difference Between Ripped and Buff

Ripped vs Buff   There are many terms that are used by bodybuilders and those who are around when talking about different body builds. If you have been to a gym recently, you must have heard terms like ripped, buff, huge, skinny, lean, bulk, and so on. There are people who remain confused between ripped […]