Difference Between Noise Cancelling and Noise Isolating

Noise Cancelling vs Noise Isolating   Listening to music on an airplane or while commuting to work in public transport may be a challenging experience because of the annoying effect of the surrounding sounds. Noise cancelling headphones and noise isolating headphones are solutions to these situations, where the surrounding noise is prevented from affecting your […]

Difference Between Spiral and Elliptical Galaxies

Spiral Galaxies_1

Spiral vs Elliptical Galaxies   Galaxies are massive collections of stars. They also contain large interstellar gas clouds known as nebulae. These large superstructures of stars were not identified and studied properly until the late 18th and 19th centuries. Even then these were considered as nebulae. These collections of stars lie beyond the vicinity of […]

Difference Between Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 and Apple iPad 4

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 vs Apple iPad 4   The devices we usually pick to compare against one another are either new or the best in their class so that we can compare them against a specific benchmark. We are interested in new devices because they are including interesting advances from all the technological […]

Difference Between Samsung Galaxy S4 and S4 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs S4 Mini   We’ve been telling you frequently that nowadays smartphone manufacturers hardly come up with unique designs. Instead, they come up with unique designs for their flagship products and create a vast line of sub-flagship products that are morphed in the image of the flagship product. Let me revise it […]

Difference Between Shura and Democracy

Shura vs Democracy   Democracy is a system of governance that is made up of elected or nominated representatives of the people. Democracy is very popular around the world and is an accepted form of governance across societies and cultures. Shura is a word that means consultation and deliberation. It is an Arabic word that […]

Difference Between Pulse and Wave

Pulse vs Wave   Waves are a very common occurrence in nature. The origin of waves lies in the vibrations. A sudden change in the energy of a system or an object results in an immediate change, in the energy of the surroundings. This energy dissipates through the medium by different mechanisms to restore the […]

Difference Between Emulator and Simulator

Emulator vs Simulator   In advanced technical systems, it is cost effective and efficient to recreate the operation and behavior rather than building the original one for training and other secondary purposes. Complexity also requires alternatives in many systems for study and investigation purposes. In any scenario, emulators or simulators are used to achieve these […]