Difference Between iTunes and App Store

difference between App store and iTunes

Key difference – iTunes vs App Store   Though both iTunes and App Store are owned by Apple Corporation, there is a difference between iTunes and App Store based on their function. iTunes is mainly associated with organizing and adding digital media like songs, movies, and TV shows, which can be purchased by the users. On […]

Difference Between HP webOS and Apple iOS

HP webOS vs Apple iOS | webOS 3.0 vs iOS 5, Features, Performance HP webOS and Apple iOS are both well known mobile operating systems available in modern smart phone devices. webOS is the successor of the famous Palm OS, it’s currently owned by HP. iOS is the mobile operating system of Apple, however the […]

Difference Between Google Android Market and Apple Market (App Store)

Google Android Market vs Apple Market (App Store) Android Market and Apple Market (or App Store) are the application stores for mobile phones from Google Android and Apple respectively, each having loads of application on education, entertainment, games, books, professional and business. 21st century has seen revolution in communication techniques. Mobile phone revolutionised the world […]