Difference Between Cell and Battery

Cell vs Battery   As various means of producing electricity were discovered, human life became more convenient. With the invention of the battery, lot of other products came into the market. Battery Batteries are important for producing power. Battery is one or more electrochemical cells. In batteries, chemical energy is stored, and it is then […]

Difference Between Tissue and Cell

Tissue vs Cell   There are many differences between cells and tissues, and which are important to notice. Cells are the building blocks of tissues; tissues make systems, and finally all those together form an organism. There are different types of cell, as well as different types of tissues, but the basic properties of cells […]

Difference Between Cell Phone and Mobile

Cell Phone vs Mobile You call it mobile, your wife prefers to call it cell, and your daughter talks about her cell phone. Wait, all are talking about one and the same thing, the ubiquitous had held phone that has become much more than being just a device to make calls these days. Whether a […]

Difference Between 2G and 3G Network Technology

2G vs 3G Network Technology The initialization of communication networks began with the analog (1G) mobile telephony in which many of the features available in current networks were not available such as SIM etc. The evolution of mobile telephony began with GSM (2G) and now we are on the door step to 4G passing 2.5G, […]

Difference Between Gene and Allele

Gene vs Allele Gene and allele are basically what make us who we are. They are genetic sequences of our DNA, although gene is a more general term than allele. To make an example: humans have facial hair. It can be thick or patchy. The first statement is a gene, the latter an allele. Gene […]