Difference Between Shale oil and Crude oil

Difference Between Shale oil and Crude oil

Key Difference – Shale oil vs Crude oil    Shale oil and crude oil are two types of energy sources. Of these, crude oil is well-known as the main energy source for several decades but, shale oil is considered as an emerging energy source that can be used as an alternative solution for high crude oil […]

Difference Between Oil and Gas

Oil vs Gas   Oil and gas are fossil fuels. Fuels are in high demand today, and it has become a very important factor in regulating world’s economy. Hydrocarbons contain so much energy which is released when burning, and this energy can be utilized to carry out lot of our daily functions. When hydrocarbon fuels […]

Difference Between Unleaded and E10

Unleaded vs E10 | Unleaded Petrol vs E10 Fuel The depleting resources of natural oil, and thus petroleum, have forced many nations of the world to think in terms of alternative fuels for automobiles that are dependent on gasoline. Australia is one country that has taken the lead in this regard with a new fuel […]

Difference Between Fuel and Oil

Fuel vs Oil Mankind is dependent upon fuel for its energy requirements and most of this requirement is met using fossil fuels that are our natural resources and are limited in quantity. Crude oil, or petroleum in which form it is used for our purposes, is a naturally occurring flammable liquid that is found inside […]

Difference Between Petrol and Diesel

Petrol vs Diesel Most of us are aware of petrol and diesel as commonly used fuels in our automobiles. However, many are not aware of the differences between the two though their price difference and the mileage that these two different petroleum products give are all too well known. This article aims to highlight the […]

Difference Between Gasoline and Kerosene and Diesel

Gasoline vs Kerosene vs Diesel We all are aware of products like gasoline, kerosene and diesel and use them in our daily lives but if one were to be asked specific differences between these three important energy products that provide us with fuel to get energy for various purposes, not many would come up with […]

Difference Between Synthetic Oil and Regular Oil

Synthetic Oil vs Regular Oil Synthetic oil and regular oil differ basically in terms of the base oil used in their production. Motor oil serves very important functions in the engine of any car. It keeps lubricated all moving parts of the engine and also protects them from wear and tear. It keeps the engine […]

Difference Between Procurement and Purchasing

Procurement vs Purchasing Procurement and Purchasing are two actions that are performed in relation to goods and services and they are done with differences in their method and approach. Procurement may be defined as the acquisition of appropriate goods or services at the best possible total cost of ownership. This is done to meet the […]