Difference Between Batter and Dough

Batter vs Dough Dough is a commonly used word in household kitchens, and even in kitchens of restaurants where chefs make recipes using dough. Wheat is the most common ingredient for making dough for breads in most parts of the world, and the process can be very simple when dough is made mixing just water […]

Difference Between Bread and Cake

Bread vs Cake Breads are food items that are made by cooking dough of flour and water, with or without the addition of leavening agents. In Europe, where bread is a staple food, the dough is mostly baked, but there are some cultures where it is directly fried or even steamed. Perhaps one of the […]

Difference Between Cake Flour and Bread Flour

Cake Flour vs Bread Flour Cake flour and Bread flour, both have gluten and made out from wheat. But what sets the difference then between cake flour and bake flour? It’s better to take a closer look as to how different they are since we encounter them into our daily routines, whether we are aware […]