Difference Between Cocaine and Crack

Cocaine vs Crack Both Cocaine and Crack are among the most hazardous type of drugs that are in taken by the people in abundance. They are different in their own accord but both are injurious to health. There are many side effects of intaking the both. Mainly the person addicted by these drugs becomes a […]

Difference Between Stress and Depression

Stress vs Depression

Stress vs Depression   Although Stress and Depression are two words that are often understood in one and the same sense, there is a difference between them. First let us pay attention to the definitions of the two words. Stress is a kind of tension that arises from our daily dealings with the world. On […]

Difference Between Crack and Powder

Crack vs Powder Crack and Powder are two localized version of cocaine that are scattering around the streets which is sold usually to gangs, clans, and fraternity members. They have more or less equal effects of pure cocaine. The use of these illegal substance starts at the age of 12 onwards. Crack Cocaine Crack cocaine […]