Difference Between Deciduous and Evergreen Trees

Deciduous vs Evergreen Trees   Plant kingdom consists of thousands of different plant types, which have very diverse characteristics. The plants are categorized based on these characteristics. Deciduous and evergreen are two opposite types of trees. They are categorized based on the pattern and seasonality of foliage growth. Plants in between deciduous and evergreen are […]

Difference Between Deciduous and Coniferous Trees

Deciduous vs Coniferous Trees   All trees belong to the kingdom plantae, and they can be classified in to several categories based on various criteria. One major criterion in the categorization of trees can be identified as their physiology. Some of the major types of trees can be named as angiosperms vs. gymnosperms and deciduous […]

Difference Between Pine and Fir

Pine vs Fir Whether you have one in your backyard or you stroll past a few during your morning walk, conifers are special types of trees that resemble the famous Christmas tree and belong to the plant family known as Pinophyta. These are gymnosperms, and are not referred as evergreen trees as they are not […]