Difference Between Digit and Number

Digit vs Number Difference between a digit and a number is similar to the difference between a letter or a character and a word. Just like alphabetical letters make words, digits make numerals, which is a representation of a number. Numbers Many years before, ancient people needed to count objects. Therefore, numbers were introduced for […]

Difference Between Binary and Decimal

Binary vs Decimal A number is a mathematical abstraction. We realize numbers in our real life through symbols. A certain collection of symbols associated with a set of rules is called a “Number system” or “Numeral System.” The numeric symbols manipulate almost the entire world of Mathematics. There are various number systems in the world. […]

Difference Between Shares and Bonds

Shares vs Bonds Shares and bonds are two words that hold great significance for investors. Shares and bonds are two important tools of investment that form the portfolio of any investor at any given point of time. From the point of view of a company, these are means to raise equity from the market. Both […]