Difference Between FLV and MP4 and 3GP

FLV vs MP4 vs 3GP FLV, MP4 and 3GP are popular container file formats developed by Adobe Systems, MPEG and 3GPP respectively. FLV is a member of Flash video family and is the preferred file format for delivering video in most popular video sites such as YouTube. MP4 is defined in MPEG-4 specification. Both FLV […]

Difference Between Google Android Market and Apple Market (App Store)

Google Android Market vs Apple Market (App Store) Android Market and Apple Market (or App Store) are the application stores for mobile phones from Google Android and Apple respectively, each having loads of application on education, entertainment, games, books, professional and business. 21st century has seen revolution in communication techniques. Mobile phone revolutionised the world […]

Difference Between Netflix and Zune

Netflix vs Zune Netflix and Zune are similar in the sense both provide entertainment even though they are two different things, one is an online video streaming provider and the other a media player. Netflix Inc or commonly known as Netflix is a service in the United States of America and Canada which provides online […]