Difference Between Lens and Lense

Lens vs Lense   Lens is a word that is used to refer to spherical glasses that are used to focus light on the retina of human beings. Lens is also a part of the human eye. The usual spelling of the word is lens, but there are many people around the world who use […]

Difference Between Mirror and Lens

Mirror vs Lens   Lens and mirror are two different devices which are used in optics. A mirror is a device that is based on the principle of reflection whereas lenses are devices that are based on the principle of refraction. Both of these devices are very important in fields such as optics, astronomy, photography […]

Difference Between Zoom and Telephoto

Zoom vs Telephoto Modern cameras are wonderful in the sense that they allow users to capture images of far off or distant objects such as a bird perched atop a branch of a tree or far away mountains. Photographer can magnify the image of the object he wishes to capture using lenses depending upon his […]

Difference Between SLR and DSLR

SLR vs DSLR SLR and DSLR are two different types of the modern camera. Cameras have traditionally played an important role in keeping our memories of good times intact in the form of photographs. Times have changed and we have switched over from films to digital cameras. SLR and DSLR are two of the modern […]