Difference Between Science and Rituals

Difference Between Science and Rituals

Science vs Rituals   Science and Rituals are two words that are characterized by difference when it comes to their meanings and concepts. Science can be defined as the study of knowledge of the physical and the natural world based on observation and experiments. It systematically builds and organizes knowledge. It runs on proofs and […]

Difference Between Natural Disaster and Man Made Disaster

Natural Disaster vs Man Made Disaster History of mankind is replete with both natural disasters as well as man made disasters. However, the point to note is that whereas in ancient times it were only natural disasters that caused havoc on humanity, today man made disasters are playing an equal, if not bigger role in […]

Difference Between Organic and Non Organic Food

Organic vs Non Organic Food Organic food and non organic food has long been a debatable subject especially to nutritionist and members of the health care team. Organic food and organic products have somehow become more and more popular these days. People have somehow become more health conscious and have started to buy organic food […]