Difference Between Mass Number and Atomic Mass

Mass Number vs Atomic Mass   Atoms are mainly composed of protons, neutrons and electrons. Some of these sub particles have a mass; therefore, they contribute to the total mass of the atom. However, some sub atomic particles like electrons do not have a significant mass. For each isotope of an element, there is a […]

Difference Between Neutron and Neutrino

Neutron vs Neutrino   Though earlier scientists like Dalton thought, atom is the smallest unit, which makes up any substance, later they found there are several other sub atomic particles also. Electrons, protons, and neutrons are the main sub atomic particles in an atom. In the structure of an atom, scientists describe how all these […]

Difference Between Atomic Weight and Mass Number

Atomic Weight vs Mass Number Atoms are characterized by their atomic numbers and mass numbers. In the periodic table, atoms are arranged according to their atomic number. Mass number of an element is more related with the mass of it. However, it is not giving the exact mass of the atom. Atomic weight is another […]