Difference Between Microsoft Skype and Skype

Microsoft Skype vs Skype | MS Skype New Integrated Features Microsoft acquired Skype in early May 2011 and Skype has become one business division of Microsoft. Skype is a software application for real time voice, video and IM services. People were using traditional PSTN lines for voice communication for long time. Introduction of VoIP (Voice […]

Difference Between Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote

Microsoft PowerPoint vs Apple Keynote MS PowerPoint and Apple Keynote are both software applications that are used to create presentations and slide shows. PowerPoint is part of Microsoft Office suite which is developed by Microsoft while Keynote is a part of iWork which is developed by Apple. Microsoft PowerPoint PowerPoint is a presentation software and […]

Difference Between MS Office Professional and MS Office Home and Business

MS Office Professional vs MS Office Home vs Business MS Office Professional and MS Office Home and Business both are the products from MICROSOFT and the latest version is MS Office 2010. These provide the user with the ability to create, edit and manage their documents. Both these products come as packages, but they differ […]

Difference Between Office 2011 MAC and Apple iWork

Office 2011 MAC vs Apple iWork Office 2011 MAC and iWork are both office suites that are designed to be used on Appleā€™s Mac computers and laptops. The Office 2011 MAC is developed by Microsoft while iWork is developed by Apple especially for the Macintosh OS. Both the suites have similar applications. Office 2011 MAC […]