Difference Between Fungi and Parasites

Fungi vs Parasites   Both fungi and parasites cause various diseases to humans. Not only humans, but parasites cause diseases to other animals and plants, as well. Parasites are the organisms which are adapted to a mode of life called parasitism, which is categorized as a type of symbiotic relationship between two different organisms. Certain […]

Difference Between Endoparasites and Ectoparasites

Endoparasites vs Ectoparasites   A parasite is an organism that lives on or in another organism, known as its host, from which it obtains nutrients. A food relationship between host and parasite is known as parasitism. This relationship is harmful to the host, but it is beneficial to the parasite. This may cause severe diseases […]

Difference Between Mosquito and Bed Bug Bites

Mosquito vs Bed Bug Bites Parasites that live on the outer surface of a host are termed ectoparasites. The very nature of the parasitic niche means that parasites are highly specialized, possessing numerous adaptations, many of which are associated with their host and mode of life. The mosquito and the bed bug are such insect […]

Difference Between Pest and Insect

Pest vs Insect There is some relationship between pests and insects as some pests are insects. However, all insects are not pests; some of them are beneficial organisms to  the human being. The pest group includes vertebrates, invertebrates, and plants. This  article intends to compare these two organisms, the pests and insects. Pest A pest is a competitor […]

Difference Between Predator and Parasite

Predator vs Parasite Predators and parasites are two completely different ecological roles or niches. The differences are many between them, but in both predation and parasitism, one particular organism depends on another usually for food. Additionally, because of both parasitism and predation, the victim suffers. However, the general characteristics are unique and different in each […]

Difference Between Virus and Disease

Virus vs Disease It was Hippocrates, who is famed to have claimed that diseases of the human body are due to physical tangible causes, and not the acts of demons, spirits or capricious gods. He is considered to be the father of modern medicine because; from that point onwards medicine became a quest to find […]

Difference Between Human Fleas and Dog Fleas and Cat Fleas

Human Fleas vs Dog Fleas vs Cat Fleas Fleas are small black to brownish coloured insects without wings as a result of their evolution as external parasites. They have stout and spiny legs adapted for leaping, and their piercing and sucking mouthparts are used in sucking blood from the host. Their body is divided into […]

Difference Between Lice and Dandruff

Lice vs Dandruff

Lice vs Dandruff   One can simply say that the difference between lice and dandruff is that one is a parasite while the other is a scalp condition. Before going to the details about each, consider this. If your son or daughter has caught lice in his or her head from an infected student at […]

Difference Between Insects and Spiders

Insects vs Spiders The maximum number of species in the Animal kingdom belongs to the Phylum: Arthropoda, where both insects and spiders belong. Insects and spiders are considerably different with many features. The body forms (e.g. Legs, distribution of the body parts, eyes…etc) and most interestingly, the number of extant species differ vastly between insects […]

Difference Between Pubic Lice and Scabies

Pubic Lice vs Scabies Pubic lice and scabies are caused by parasitic insects. Those who have these conditions have common symptom and that is itchiness. These two are transmitted from one to the other through skin-to-skin contact. You should know the causes to prevent it from worsening. Pubic Lice Pubic Lice is generally known as […]