Difference Between Farsi and Persian

Farsi vs Persian   Persian is a word that has been used in English language for thousands of years to refer to not just a language, but also to Persian culture and to a country that was once a great empire that controlled many different nations of modern times. The country that is today Iran […]

Difference Between Farsi and Arabic

Farsi vs Arabic   Arabic is a language that is spoken in the Arab world, and it includes the written language that is referred to as Modern Standard Arabic. People in the other parts of the world get confused between the Arabic and Farsi languages because of their similarities. In fact, there are many under […]

Difference Between Dari and Farsi

Dari vs Farsi   Persian is the language spoken in Iran and Afghanistan and in some other countries that had Persian cultural influences. In fact, Persian was the official language of the Muslim rulers in Indian subcontinent before the arrival of the British. Persian is also known as Dari or Farsi. In fact, Dari is […]

Difference Between Urdu and Hindi

Difference Between Urdu and Hindi

Urdu vs Hindi   Difference between Urdu and Hindi is not easy to understand if you are not familiar with the two languages. We all know that Hindi is the national language of India being spoken by a large majority of people in the indo Gangetic belt (read Northern part). Urdu is another popular language […]

Difference Between Heart Gold and Soul Silver

Heart Gold vs Soul Silver Before the reader jumps to any conclusion based upon the inclusion of the words gold and silver, let me make it clear that Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver are updated versions of the 199 videogame Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver. These were role playing video games meant to be […]