Difference Between Meningitis and Meningococcal

Meningitis vs Meningococcal |¬†Meningococcal vs¬†Meningitis Clinical Features, Investigations, Management, Complications, and Prognosis ¬† Meningitis is the inflammation of the leptomeninges and sub archnoid space. The disease is caused by a wide variety of organisms, viral infections being the most common cause. Rest of the causes involved bacterial, fungal, protazoal, prion and helminthic infections. Among them, […]

Difference Between Vaccines and Antibiotics

Vaccines vs Antibiotics In modern medicine, the treatment of ailments, and prevention of diseases became achievable goals with the advent of vaccines and antibiotics. Before this time, medicine depended on surgical techniques, and earlier to this, folk remedies were put into practice in a trial and error method. This changed with Jenner and Fleming, who […]