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Difference Between Pupil

Eye vs Camera The sense of vision is a gift of god to us that is performed through eyes. We make sense of the world around us through eyes. Camera on the other hand is a human invention to produce images of what we see through our eyes. Though both human eye and a camera make use of a lens to receive and project... 
a Sheep eye vs Human eye There are lot of differences between sheep eye and human eye though there are also some similarities. Sheep has a better peripheral vision than human beings though it lacks color vision. Of late there has been a lot of interest shown by scientists in a sheep eye and how its study can... 
Pupil vs Student Pupil and Student are two words in the English language that are usually considered interchangeable, but they are not so. There is indeed some difference between the two when it comes to their connotations. A pupil is a young person who is under the direct supervision of a teacher and is learning... 
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