Difference Between Scattering and Reflection

Scattering vs Reflection   Reflection and scattering are two phenomena observed in many systems. Reflection is the process of diversion of a path of a particle or a wave due to a non-interacting collision. Scattering is a process where interaction between the two colliding particles occurs. Both of these phenomena are very important in fields […]

Difference Between Reflection and Total Internal Reflection

Reflection vs Total Internal Reflection Reflection and total internal reflection are very important physical properties of waves. In general, when a wave strikes on an object, the resulting change of the direction of the wave is called reflection. The most important and known fact about the reflection is the ability to see objects when light […]

Difference Between Mode Theory and Ray Theory of Light

Mode Theory vs Ray Theory of Light Mode theory and ray theory are two concepts involved in transmission of light or other electromagnetic waves. These theories are very important in understanding fields such as radio transmission, data communication, fiber optics, and LASERs. Prominent scientists like Sir Isaac Newton and James Clarke Maxwell did an outstanding […]

Difference Between Refractor and Reflector Telescopes

Refractor vs Reflector Telescopes | Refraction vs Reflection Telescopes Reflector and refractor are basically the main two types of telescopes mostly used in astronomy. They are also known as reflection telescopes and refraction telescopes. These are mainly optical devices, which use visible light to produce images of distant objects, such as planets, stars, nebulae and […]

Difference Between Virtual and Real Images

Virtual vs Real Images Virtual and real images are two kinds of images that are apparent reproduction of real objects formed by a mirror or a lens. These images are formed through processes of reflection, refraction or diffracted rays of light. In a real image, light rays are brought to a focus at the position […]

Difference Between Reflection and Introspection

Reflection vs Introspection Reflection and Introspection are two words that have created a lot of confusion regarding their meaning and usage. Difference between reflection and introspection is minute and subtle, and the very fact that there are two words for process that relates to looking inwards simply means that they are not synonyms and have […]

Difference Between Reflection and Refraction

Reflection vs Refraction Reflection is a “mirror-like” representation of an object’s image being bounced back from another surface. Refraction is a change in direction of a state or an object due to a change of its speed. The change is visible when an object passes from one medium to another, depending on the angle of […]