Difference Between Specific Gravity and Specific Weight

Specific Gravity vs Specific Weight   Specific gravity and specific weight are two quantities widely used. These two concepts are widely used in fields such as mechanics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, aerodynamics and various other fields. It is vital to have a proper understanding in these concepts in order to excel in fields which have usages […]

Difference Between Density and Concentration

Density vs Concentration Density and concentration are two basic and important topics discussed under chemistry and material sciences. These concepts are encountered on a daily basis, and it is necessary to have a thorough understanding on such concepts. This article will discuss the basic definitions of density and concentration, their similarities and finally the differences. […]

Difference Between Density and Bulk Density

Density vs Bulk Density Density and bulk density are properties of matter, which are very important when it comes to the study of properties of matter. These are defined for substances such as air, gas or solids, in many forms. Density and bulk density are widely used attributes when it comes to fields such as […]

Difference Between Relative Density and Specific Gravity

Relative Density vs Specific Gravity Relative density and specific gravity are two concepts used in comparing densities of solids, liquids and gas. Both these concepts hold almost the same idea. These concepts are very useful in the food industry, rubber industry and whole of the material science. In this article, we are going to discuss […]

Difference Between Relative Density and Density

Relative Density vs Density Density and relative density are two closely related physical properties of matter. Both parameters describe the amount of matter in a unit volume. These terms are mostly used in fluid statistics/dynamics and chemistry. Density Density is a measure of the amount of matter available in a unit volume. Density of an […]

Difference Between Density and Specific Gravity

Density vs Specific Gravity Density and Specific Gravity are the two commonly used terms but often confused with each other. Particularly, in industries these terms are widely used to weigh different substance and to calculate the concentration of liquids. Temperature and pressure are very important in calculating the two. Density Mass density, which is commonly […]