Difference Between Personality and Traits

Difference Between Personality and Traits

Personality vs Traits   Personality and traits, having a specific difference between them, refer to two different words. Therefore, the two tems, personality and traits, cannot be used interchangeably even though they are inter-related.  In personality psychology, psychologists have been fascinated by the differences and uniqueness of human personality and traits that can be seen in […]

Difference Between Attitude and Character

Attitude vs Character Attitude and character are two words that appear similar in sense but strictly speaking there is difference between the two. Attitude is the opinion or the method by which one approaches a given situation. Character on the other hand makes one to do a particular thing even if the world is watching. […]

Difference Between Habit and Behavior

Habit vs Behavior Habit and behavior of a person are used in describing that person’s character. However there is a lot of difference between habit and behavior. Behavior refers to the actions of a living being or a system in response to the environment. It is the response of the system or the individual to […]

Difference Between Nature and Nurture

Difference Between Nature and Nurture_ Nurture

Nature vs Nurture   Nature and nurture are two terms used in behavioral psychology between which one can identify a range of differences. Nature refers to these characteristics that are innate. A person is born with specific skills and characteristics. Nature highlights this aspect. Nurture, on the other hand, highlights that the concept of innate, […]

Difference Between Character and Culture

Character vs Culture * Culture is societal whereas character is individualistic. Culture is the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society; Character is the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. * Culture  is an identity; Character is a quality. Culture and Character are two terms that are normally used in the […]