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DifferenceBetween.COM is a knowledge hub started by like-minded professionals in different fields with the intention of giving the best search results for those seeking to know the difference between any two items. We team up with selected academics, subject matter experts and script writers across the world to give the readers the best possible information in differentiating any two items.

Whatever the differences you want to know, be it about two people, two places, two products, two concepts, two technologies or whatever it is, we have the answer. We have a very wide collection of information, that are diverse, unbiased and freely available. Also, to make search easy, we have added search engine for viewers to go direct to the topic they are searching for, without browsing page by page.

Our Team:

Olivia Dawson (Chief Editor – Australia) – Graduate in Electronic Engineering with HR, Training & Development background with over 15 years of field experience.

Dr.Roshan Ragel (Consultant – Information Technology / Contributing Editor ) – Senior Lecturer BSc Eng (Hons) PhD Comp. Sci (UNSW , Australia) Research Interest : Microarchitectural Aspects of Embedded Systems Design & Security

Andrew Daniel (Contributing Editor – UK) – Telecommunication and Network Expert, carrying 8 years of experience and a practising Engineer

Indika Kahanda (Contributing Editor) – Lecturer in Computer Engineering – BSc Eng. (Hons) MSECE (Purdue, USA)

Guru Kris (Contributing Editor – India) – MBBS, Senior Lecture in Medical Science

Aron Dilip (Contributing Editor – India) – Professor in Social Science