Difference Between Rollover and Transfer

Rollover vs Transfer   An IRA or Individual Retirement Account allows an individual to contribute funds towards their retirement and is held by a financial institution, which is known as the custodian. Rollover and transfer are two ways in which the movement of funds to or from an IRA can be done. Despite the fact […]

Difference Between Pension and Annuity

Pension vs Annuity   Annuities and pensions are quite similar to one another in that they are both used for retirement purposes. However, annuities can also be taken out by any person for a number of different reasons, whereas a pension is provided by an employer solely for the purpose of retirement. Due to the […]

Difference Between Fixed and Variable Annuities

Fixed vs Variable Annuities When you are young and strong, you are not really worried about your future as you are earning and fulfilling all the requirements of your family. But the way prices of commodities are rising, the really smart ones are those who take the decision of investing a part of their income […]

Difference Between RSP and RRSP

RSP vs RRSP In Canada, like other countries, there are many saving plans intended for retirement. Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) and Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) are two of the popular saving accounts that are very popular among the citizens to save for their future as these have obvious tax benefits. The annual contribution to […]

Difference Between 403b and 457

403b vs 457 There are many retirement plans in U.S., and while majority of the population is aware of 401k, there are also 403b and 457, which are similar to 401k. While 401k is available to all private sector employees, 403b is available to non profit employees, and 457 is applicable to government employees. There […]