Difference Between Deemed University and University

Deemed University vs University   Deemed universities are found only in India, and are institutions of higher studies other than universities that have been set up following due formalities. Many students do not know the difference between a University and a deemed University and remain confused whether they should take up admission in a deemed […]

Difference Between BE and BTech Degree

BE vs BTech Degree In India, engineering is one profession that has all along been viewed as respectable and one having a lot of glamour apart from having a job security. The basic engineering degree in India is of 4 years with each year divided into two semesters. There are basically two degrees given out […]

Difference Between MBA and MMS

MBA vs MMS There was a time in India when engineering and medical were the only options available to students to make their mark in higher studies and also to have an assurance of decent jobs after successful completion of these degree course. But today, Masters in Business Administration (MBA) has become the most popular […]

Difference Between IAS and IFS

IAS vs IFS IAS and IFS are two very popular career options for students in government sector. Both services are attractive and are full of glamour and prestige. While IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service, IFS refers to Indian Foreign service. Any Indian citizen who is above the age of 21 and has passed his […]

Difference Between CBSE and ICSE

CBSE vs ICSE CBSE is one of the major boards of secondary education in India, while ICSE stands for Indian Certificate for Secondary education, which is conducted by Council for the Indian Certificate Examinations. CBSE stands for Central Board of Secondary education. Both are very popular and students all over the country choose one or […]

Difference Between CAT and GMAT

CAT vs GMAT CAT and GMAT are both entrance level exams to pursue a career in the field of management. While CAT is Common Admission Test conducted on an all India level by Indian Institutes of Management for entrance to 7 IIM’s located across the country, GMAT is Graduate Management Admission Test that is conducted […]

Difference Between AMIE and BE

AMIE vs BE AMIE and BE are both engineering qualifications. BE stands for bachelor of Engineering and is a 4 year degree course. This is an undergraduate degree after studying 4 years of various streams of engineering in a college. AMIE, On the other hand is a professional certification provided by the Institution of Engineers (IE). […]

Difference Between AIEEE and IIT

AIEEE vs IIT AIEEE and IIT are both related to Engineering eduction in India. To begin with AIEEE is the short form of All India Engineering Entrance examination, whereas IIT stands for Indian Institute of Technology. AIEEE is an exam conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for entrance to various National Institutes of […]

Difference Between Indian Higher Education Institutes IIT and IIM

Indian Higher Education Institutes IIT vs IIM IIT and IIM are both centers of excellence in the field of higher education in India. That is the only similarity between IIT or Indian Institutes of Technology and IIM or Indian Institutes of Management, if there is any. In a country like India with a population of […]

Difference Between Indian Management Institutes IIM and ISB

Indian Management Institutes IIM vs ISB Indian Instiutes of Management (IIM) and Indian  School of Business are two premier management institutes in India. When it comes to studying management in India, Indian institutes of management are the preferred choice of millions. These are graduate business schools set up by the government of India to identify and […]