Difference Between Fibroid and Polyp

Fibroid vs Polyp   Fibroids and polyps are both common gynecological conditions encountered in clinical practice. Even though there are different types of fibroids and polyps, endometrial polyps and uterine fibroids are the two entities that usually cause confusion. Both conditions have somewhat similar presentations and ultrasound scan findings also can be equivocal. Despite these […]

Difference Between Formaldehyde and Paraformaldehyde

Formaldehyde vs Paraformaldehyde   Formaldehyde is a basic organic chemical compound that can be made into different formulations. Paraformaldehyde is one such type, where it relies on the basic building blocks of formaldehyde but is different in structure. These varied formaldehyde formulations are commercially known in various terms and are used for different purposes depending […]

Difference Between Wax and Oil

Wax vs Oil   Wax, oil, fats etc. are lipids that are molecules made up of hydrocarbons. These molecules are not water soluble and play a very important role in the structure and functioning of cells of living beings. Both wax and oil are sticky products. However, despite both being viscous and water insoluble chemicals, […]

Difference Between Coffin and Casket

Coffin vs Casket   A coffin or a casket is an integral part of a funeral and is used for keeping the mortal remains of a dead man. However, in many English speaking countries other than US, a casket is taken to be a box used for other purposes and quite different from a coffin. […]

Difference Between Monogastric and Ruminant

Monogastric vs Ruminant   Mammals, being the most developed organisms, possess highly sophisticated digestive systems to feed on a variety of food types available in the world. Monogastric and ruminants are the two main types of mammals based on their types of digestive systems. Most of the mammals fall in the category of monogastrics, yet […]

Difference Between Epoxy and Resin

Epoxy vs Resin   Even if you do not know what epoxies or resins are, these are products that you may have been using in your life for different purposes. If you have used a glue for your arts and crafts classes as a kid or pasted mica over a table or chair using a […]

Difference Between Hip and Waist

Hip vs Waist   Hips and waist are two different parts of the human body that have great relevance to all those who are conscious about their body shape and weight. Waist and hip are connected as they are adjacent to each other and the difference between hips and waist has assumed great significance not […]

Difference Between Variable and Constant

Variable vs Constant   Variable and constant are two commonly used mathematical concepts. Simply put, a variable is a value that is changing or that have the ability to change. A constant is a value which remains unchanged. Even though the concepts are fundamental in many aspects of mathematics, in elementary levels, it is used […]