Difference Between Tithe and Offering

Tithe vs Offering   Tithes and offerings are important concepts in Christianity. Both have been mentioned separately at many places in the Bible. There are many people who think there is no difference between tithe and offering and that both represent the same concept of giving back to God what he gives to us. There […]

Difference Between Sickle and Scythe

Sickle vs Scythe   Sickle and scythe are two important tools used in agriculture or farming. They are used for the same purpose of cutting grain from the fields and also have similar looks. Weeding is another purpose for which these two curved knives with handles are used. Both these manual tools were prevalent in […]

Difference Between Talmud and Torah

Talmud vs Torah   Judaism is an ancient Abrahamic religion like Christianity. It is intriguing for non-Jews as they do not know much about it. It is a religion that is full of sacred books and texts. There are many words describing these sacred books and texts that can be very confusing for the outsiders. […]

Difference Between Taft and Roosevelt

Taft vs Roosevelt   Theodore Roosevelt and William Howard Taft are the 26th and 27th presidents of the USA. The two Presidents were both Republicans and both were close friends at one point of time. In fact, Taft was a handpicked successor of Roosevelt, but soon there was a rift between them with both calling […]

Difference Between Blunt, Joint and Spliff

Blunt vs Joint vs Spliff   Marijuana is a substance that can be consumed in many different ways. Rolling it on a thin paper is an art, only those who are efficient in rolling know about that. Those fond of cannabis keep stock of rolling papers to be ready when they are desirous of smoking […]

Difference Between Sadducees and Pharisees

Sadducees vs Pharisees   Sadducee and Pharisee are terms that are encountered in the works of Josephus and the Bible. These are Jewish sects that were already in place before the advent of Christianity and were considered as religious parties in the times of Jesus. Not surprisingly, both were opposed to what Jesus had to […]

Difference Between Sacrament and Ordinance

Sacrament vs Ordinance   Christianity is a religion that is followed by more than 2 billion people around the world. In Christianity, sacred rites having importance are referred to as sacraments and also as ordinances. Most people use the terms sacrament and ordinance interchangeably for rituals having religious basis. However, the two terms are not […]