Difference Between Culture and Lifestyle

Difference Between Culture and Lifestyle

Culture vs Lifestyle   Culture and lifestyle, though misunderstood to be the same, they are two different concepts between which we can identify a clear difference. Culture and lifestyle are two inter-related concepts that we come across in the study of human society. Anthropologists and sociologists have been fascinated by the human conduct within different societies and […]

Difference Between Patience and Endurance

Difference Between Patience and Endurance

Patience vs Endurance   Even though the words patience and endurance sound familiar as both denote accepting difficulty and tolerating an unpleasant situation, these words have specific meanings that highlight that there is a difference between patience and endurance. First let us pay attention to the definitions of the words. Patience can be defined as […]

Difference Between Shame and Embarrassment

Shame vs Embarrassment

Shame vs Embarrassment   The difference between shame and embarrassment stems from the different links they have with morality. Shame and embarrassment are emotions that we feel as human beings when faced with discomforting situations. However, these two emotions are very different from one another. Shame can be defined as an emotional state that arises when […]

Difference Between Clan and Tribe

Clan vs Tribe

Clan vs Tribe   Clan and Tribe both sound similar, but they have some specific differences between them. The clan is a group of people who have gathered together as a result of kinship or descent relationships. Members of a clan may not really or specifically know about their ancestral history, but the main feature […]

Difference Between Moderate and Extremist

Moderate vs Extremist

Moderate vs Extremist   The main difference between moderate and extremist is in the degree to which they hold on to their views. In our day to day lives, we meet people who hold extreme views and others who have much milder views. They are moderates and extremists. An extremist is someone who holds extreme […]

Difference Between Bigotry and Prejudice

Difference Between Bigotry and Prejudice

Bigotry vs Prejudice   The key difference between prejudice and bigotry is that while prejudice is a milder version, bigotry is an extreme stance. So, even though the words, bigotry, and prejudice are used interchangeably, these are two different words. Bigotry can be defined as intolerance towards individuals or beliefs. Such a person is considered […]

Difference Between Compulsive and Impulsive

Compulsive vs Impulsive

Compulsive vs Impulsive   Compulsive and impulsive, being two terms that describe two forms of behaviors, there is some difference between them. Being compulsive is when an individual has an irresistible urge to do something. Being impulsive is when an individual acts on his instinct. The key difference between these two forms of behavior is […]

Difference Between Command and Demand

Command vs Demand

Command vs Demand   Even though most people consider command and demand as similar, this is an inaccurate belief because these are two different words, between which we can identify certain differences. First, let us define the two words. A command is usually an order. For example, in military units, there are officers who have […]

Difference Between Expectations and Reality

Expectations vs Reality

Expectations vs Reality   Between our expectations in life and the reality, there is a clear cut difference. Expectations are those that we consider as possible and likely to occur. These are our beliefs, hopes and dreams for the future. People can have numerous expectations concerning their lives, such as to educate one’s self, to […]

Difference Between Mentor and Teacher

Difference Between Mentor and Teacher

Mentor vs Teacher   The key difference between the two roles, mentor and teacher, stems from the focus of the individual roles. When it comes to education, knowledge, and guidance, we rely on a number of individuals such as teachers, mentors, educators, coaches, and tutors. Each of these individuals play a unique role in the life […]