Difference Between Circuit Switching and Packet Switching

Circuit Switching vs Packet Switching Circuit Switch (CS) and Packet Switch (PS) are two different types of switching domains to sending information and messages from one point to another. In telecommunication, circuit switching was the first method used to send voice and data. After the evolution of packet switched domain, data portion of communications are […]

Differences Between Layer 2 and Layer 3 Switches

Layer 2 vs Layer 3 Switches   Network switch is a device, which connects end stations or end users at data link layer level. Switches came to market as an intelligent solution for network hubs, which provide high-speed networking facilities. At layer 2 level, switches communicate using Media Access Control (MAC) address, and it provides […]

Difference Between Reactive and Proactive Protocols

Reactive vs Proactive Protocols Reactive and Proactive Protocols are the routing protocols that are used in mobile Ad hoc networks to send data from the host to the destination. A packet data is sent from source to destination in an Ad hoc network through multiple nodes that are mobile. This type of network is generally […]

Difference Between In-Switch Routing and Centralized Routing

In-Switch Routing vs Centralized Routing | Centralised vs Distributed Routing In-Switch Routing and Centralised Routing both are routing methods used in network platforms in Telecommunication industries. If you take a telecom switching element, when a call hits the switch, the switch should make the decision where to send the call, how to send the call […]

Difference Between SS7 Signaling and SS8 Legal Interception

SS7 Signaling vs SS8 Legal Interception SS7 SS7 (Signaling System 7) is a signaling protocol in traditional PSTN network used in call setups and teardowns. It’s a set of signaling protocols defining call setups, call control, passing network status, and call teardowns. Signaling, monitors from start of the call to the end and generates the […]

Difference Between SBC and Soft Switch in NGN

SBC vs Soft Switch in NGN SBC (Session Border Controller) SBC is a Voice over IP device, generally placed in the boundary of the networks to act as back to back user agent. Even though it is a single box logically it handles two main functionality which is signalling and media. It’s an intelligent device […]