Difference Between iTunes and App Store

difference between App store and iTunes

Key difference – iTunes vs App Store   Though both iTunes and App Store are owned by Apple Corporation, there is a difference between iTunes and App Store based on their function. iTunes is mainly associated with organizing and adding digital media like songs, movies, and TV shows, which can be purchased by the users. On […]

Difference Between Facebook and WhatsApp

Difference between Facebook and WhatsApp

Key Difference – Facebook vs WhatsApp   Facebook and WhatsApp are the leaders in communication in the contemporary society, though there lies a distinct difference between them based on their purpose and functions. Facebook is very broad compared to WhatsApp. The key difference between them is that Facebook is dedicated to social networking and sharing all […]

Difference Between Viber and WhatsApp

difference between Viber and Whatsapp

Key Difference – Viber vs WhatsApp  Although both Viber and WhatsApp are two popular Smartphone messaging apps that  accomplish almost the same tasks, there are many differences between them, which are evident to the users. There are many messaging apps that are developed and used around the world but if we are to consider the most […]

Difference Between Jailbreak and Unlock

Jailbreak vs Unlock   Today we’ll be talking about a regular confusion that can be seen in Apple iOS users. Often times than not, people tend to use these two terms interchangeably and interpret them as the same thing. This may be because the outcomes of both actions are vaguely similar; providing more control over […]

Difference Between iMessages and Text Messages (SMS)

iMessages vs Text Messages (SMS)   With the introduction of the iOS 5, there has been some ambiguity between the text messages services iOS 5 provides. The cause was that it actually provides two methods; iMessages, which comes in Blue color, and Text Messages. The difference is really simple to identify if you go by […]

Difference Between Voice Assistant Siri and Vlingo

Voice Assistant Siri vs Vlingo | Voice Action Applications Vlingo vs Siri vs Google Voice Actions  With Apple relying too much on ‘Siri’, to market its new release iPhone 4S, the other voice search and voice command assisted applications that were available in the market have come to prominence. Google Voice Action and Vlingo are […]

Difference Between Whatsapp and Groupme

Whatsapp vs Groupme Whatsapp and Groupme are two cross platform mobile applications, which allows group chat. Following is a comparison on the similarities and differences of the two applications. Whatsapp Whatsapp is a cross platform group messaging application by WhatsApp Inc. The application currently supports iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones. The application allows users […]

Difference Between Google Wallet and ISIS Mobile Wallet

Google Wallet vs ISIS Mobile Wallet Google wallet is a much anticipated mobile payment system introduced by Google. This is an Android Application intended for Android smart phones with NFC (near field communication) capability. Google Wallet is still under field test and a demonstration was done for the public in early 2011. ISIS is another […]

Difference Between Google Maps for Android and iPhone

Google Maps for Android vs iPhone There was a time, not so long ago, when people bought navigational devices specially developed to track down places. These devices helped people to find out their destinations, also helped in avoiding streets and turns that caused unnecessary delays. But with Google coming up with Google Maps, and its […]

Difference Between Widgets and Apps

Widgets vs Apps Gone are the days when mobiles were meant just for talking. Today is the turn of smartphones and other mobiles that are internet based and make heavy use of widgets and apps. These are programs that make available tons of information as well as entertainment through internet on mobile phones. Many people […]