Difference Between BTS and Node B


BTS vs Node B   Both BTS and Node B are the last mile network elements that process the signals and information prior to transmitting through antennas to the air interface. Node B does that for UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecom System) or any other third-generation wireless technology while BTS does the same for GSM (Global […]

Difference Between Spinning and Casting Reels

Spinning vs Casting Reels   Tools used in angling are many in number that even the most experienced anglers sometimes tend to get these tools mixed up. The reason for this is the many similarities they share with one another as well as their very similar sounding names. Spinning reels and casting reels are two […]

Difference Between Alveoli and Alveolar Sac

Alveoli vs Alveolar Sac   The respiratory subdivisions that make the lungs include respiratory bronchioles, alveolar ducts, alveolar sacs, and alveoli. Alveoli and alveolar sac make the farthest end of the respiration pathway. They also make the sites where most of the gas exchange take place within the lungs. Both alveoli and alveolar sac are […]

Difference Between Cardiovascular and Circulatory System

Cardiovascular vs Circulatory System   Cardiovascular system is often referred to as circulatory system due to common features shared by both systems. For example, both systems include heart and blood, and the main role of both the system is to transport substances throughout the body via the bloodstream.  What is Cardiovascular System? Cardiovascular system, as […]

Difference Between Circulatory and Respiratory System

Circulatory vs Respiratory System   The human circulatory and respiratory systems are closely related systems which have evolved to do interrelated function in the body. Hence, smooth functioning of these two systems are vital for the survival of humans. Though these systems have interrelated functions, their physiology and other functions vary widely. What is Circulatory […]

Difference Between 4G and 4G Plus

4G vs 4G Plus   LTE-Advance (Release 10 of 3GPP) and WiMAX Release 2 (IEEE 802.16m) were referred as 4G or 4th Generation Wireless Mobile Broadband technologies, by ITU-R (International Telecommunication Union – Radio Communication Sector) based on IMT Advance requirements. However, LTE (Release 8 of 3GPP) and Mobile WIMAX (IEEE 802.16e) networks were heavily […]

Difference Between OFDM and OFDMA

difference between ofdm and ofdma

OFDM vs OFDMA   OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) and OFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access) are both wideband digital communication technologies with a slight difference between them. However, both are based on the same concept of bundling evenly spaced multiple sub-carriers with special characteristics into one big chunk and still transmitting separately over the […]

Difference Between Personality and Behaviour

Personality vs Behaviour   There are various things that would make up the nature of certain human beings.Many things influence one’s way of life, be it the environment in which a person grows up in, the kind of influence he or she had been subjected to,etc. Behaviour and personality are two such traits that can […]