Difference Between Foreign Aid and Foreign Investment

Foreign Aid vs Foreign Investment   Globalization has resulted in more global trade, increased cooperation among nations, international investments, and global transfer of capital, assets, resources and funds. Foreign aid and foreign investment both involve such transfers of capital, funds, resources, etc. from one country to another. Despite the fact that both foreign investment and […]

Difference Between Lead and Opportunity

Lead vs Opportunity   Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system which manages the relationships that a firm has with its current customers and prospective future customers. Under customer relationship management, a firm identifies different stages involved in making a sale. The process starts with identifying or establishing contact with an individual or firm. This […]

Difference Between Accounting Concepts and Conventions

Accounting Concepts vs Conventions   At the end of each financial year, financial statements are prepared by firms for a number of purposes, which include summarizing all activities and transactions, review the firm’s financial status, evaluate performance, and to make comparisons between previous years, competitors, and industry benchmarks. The financial statements prepared must be consistent […]

Difference Between Clearing and Settlement

Clearing vs Settlement   Clearing and settlement are two important processes that are carried out when executing transactions in financial markets where a range of financial securities can be bought and sold. Clearing and settlement allow clearing corporations to realize any rights obligations, which are created in the process of securities trading, and to make […]

Difference Between Six Sigma and CMMI

Six Sigma vs CMMI   Increasing competition, higher costs, and needs for consistent quality in products and services have resulted in the adoption of methodologies and techniques aimed at improving efficiency, reducing errors, maintain quality levels and improving processes and procedures. Six Sigma and the Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) are two such techniques that […]

Difference Between Growth and Income Funds

Growth vs Income Funds   Individuals invest in different types of mutual funds that suit their specific financial goals. While some investors may be interested in a stable income from a low risk investment, others may be interested in a more aggressive investment aimed at gaining high growth and capital appreciation. It is important to […]