Difference Between Rubber and Plastic

difference between rubber nad plastic

Key Difference – Rubber vs Plastic   Rubber and plastic are both made of polymerized material though there are remarkable differences between their physical and chemical properties. The key difference between Rubber and Plastics is that the Rubber is a polymerized product of isoprene whereas Plastic is  made of many synthetic and semi-synthetic organic polymer compounds. Many […]

Difference Between Functionalism and Conflict Theory

Difference Between Functionalism and Conflict Theory

Key Difference – Functionalism vs Conflict Theory   Functionalism and the conflict theory are two perspectives used in Sociology between which some difference can be identified. Sociology is a discipline in the social sciences which studies human society and group behavior in society. In sociology, many perspectives are used to understand human society. Through each […]

Difference Between Galaxy Note 4 and Note 5

Difference Between Galaxy Note 4 and Note 5

Key Difference – Galaxy Note 4 vs Note 5   The anticipated key difference between Galaxy Note 4 and Note 5 is the performance upgrade in Note 5 via improvements in the processor, RAM, storage, battery capacity as well as the S-pen. Galaxy Note 4 and Note 5 are Android Smartphones manufactured and marketed by Samsung Electronics. The […]

Difference Between Serology and Immunology

difference between serology and immunology

Key Difference – Serology vs Immunology   Serology and Immunology are both important disciplines within the field of medicine, but there exist distinct differences between the two that make each of the subjects sufficiently independent on each other. Both serology and immunology are related and connected to each other and contribute to a better understanding […]

Difference Between Parasite and Bacteria

differnce between parasite and bacteria-

Key Difference – Parasite vs Bacteria   The key difference between parasite and bacteria is that the bacteria are unicellular microscopic prokaryotes living all over while parasites are the organisms that live on or in their hosts while causing infections to hosts. Parasite and bacteria are organisms that resemble very primitive organisms but have great […]

Difference Between Cohort and Case-Control Study

Cohort vs Case-Control Study

Key Difference  – Cohort vs Case-Control Study   Cohort and case-control study are two of the designs used in research between which some difference can be identified. A researcher who is about to conduct a study on a specific field usually has research objectives and questions. Based on these, the researcher chooses a research design […]

Difference Between Supplier and Distributor

difference betweensupplier and distributor-distributor

Key Difference – Supplier vs Distributor   Supplier and Distributor are two entities that play a vital role in the supply chain, which plays an important role in marketing, but there lies some difference between supplier and distributor when it comes to the purpose they serve on the value chain and the logistics. Both supplier […]

Difference Between Lupus and Fibromyalgia

difference between lupus and Fibromyalgia

Key Difference – Lupus vs Fibromyalgia   Lupus and Fibromyalgia are two types of diseases of uncertain etiology that can cause mild to severe damages. The key difference between these two diseases is that, Lupus is  a chronic autoimmune disease that can cause mild to severe damages to the skin, joints, and internal organs whereas Fibromyalgia is a neurosensory […]

Difference Between Longitudinal and Cross-Sectional Study

Longitudinal Study vs Cross-Sectional Study

Key Difference – Longitudinal vs Cross-Sectional Study   Longitudinal and Cross-Sectional Study are two types of research studies between which a key difference can be identified. The researcher who decides to conduct research on a particular subject can use many research designs. Longitudinal Study and Cross-Sectional Study are two such examples. A longitudinal study is a […]

Difference Between Sociology and Social Science

difference between social science and sociology

Key Difference – Sociology vs Social Science   The key difference between sociology and social science is that the social sciences is a broad area which consists of many sub-fields and sociology is a subfield of social science. Sociology and social science are study fields that are dedicated to the study of human beings and […]