Difference Between Criticism and Feedback

Difference Between Criticism and Feedback

Key Difference – Criticism and Feedback     Criticism and feedback are two words that are used in instances of evaluation of work or performance of people between which a key difference can be identified. Criticism refers to a critical assessment. This can often be judgmental and harsh. Feedback, on the other hand, refers to comments given […]

Difference Between Marketing Mix and Product Mix

Difference Between Marketing Mix and Product Mix

Key Difference – Marketing Mix vs Product Mix   The difference between marketing mix and product mix is quite significant. To begin with, an organization essentially requires a product which needs to be sold to make a profit. A product may refer to a tangible element (product) or an intangible element (service). Marketing strategies are […]

Difference Between Proactive and Reactive Risk Management

Difference between Proactive and Reactive Risk Management

Key Difference- Proactive vs Reactive Risk Management   Before reading about the difference between proactive and reactive risk management, let us first look at what risk management is all about. Errors are common in any work environment. Such errors may occur due to human mistakes, unexpected accidents, natural disasters and third party decisions which affect the […]

Difference Between Corporate Strategy and Marketing Strategy

Difference Between Corporate Strategy and Marketing Strategy

Key Difference – Corporate Strategy vs Marketing Strategy   The difference between corporate strategy and marketing strategy has an element of confusion as both overlaps or coincide with each other partially. So, the comparison can be confusing. But, a thorough understanding of each term can clear this confusion. First of all, we should understand the […]

Difference Between Change and Innovation

Difference between change and innovation

Key Difference – Change vs Innovation   The key difference between change and innovation is that change is the difference in a state of affairs related to different points of time whereas innovation is something original and new, being introduced to the world. It can be new ideas, new devices or new processes. Change is […]

Difference Between MBO and MBE


Key Difference – MBO vs MBE   The difference between management by objectives (MBO) and management by exception (MBE) can be found in the management principles and practice. Different management authors have proposed different models of management which suit different leadership styles and motivation ideologies. Management by objectives and management by exception are significant models out of […]

Difference between Personal and Interpersonal Skill

Difference between Personal and Interpersonal Skill

Key Difference – Personal vs Interpersonal Skill   The difference between personal and interpersonal skills is quite explicit. Humans have evolved with unique abilities compared with other life forms in the world. They are able to use tools, communicate, learn, analyze and synthesize. We can term such abilities as personal skills which are important to […]

Difference Between Corporate Identity and Branding

difference between corporate identity and branding

Key Difference – Corporate Identity vs Branding   Corporate Identity and Branding are two concepts in marketing and identifying the difference between them is quite complex as both concepts are interconnected. However, we can distinguish them from certain parameters on the grounds of perception. The internal perception and external perception (customer view) provide clues to […]

Difference Between Change Management and Change Leadership

diffeernce between leadership and change management

Key Difference – Change Management vs Change Leadership   Change management and change leadership are two similar approaches to introduce a change in an organization though, there is some difference between them in approach and size of the change. The key difference between these two terms is that Change management is the application of a set of […]

Difference Between Supplier and Distributor

difference betweensupplier and distributor-distributor

Key Difference – Supplier vs Distributor   Supplier and Distributor are two entities that play a vital role in the supply chain, which plays an important role in marketing, but there lies some difference between supplier and distributor when it comes to the purpose they serve on the value chain and the logistics. Both supplier […]