Difference Between Corporate Identity and Branding

difference between corporate identity and branding

Key Difference – Corporate Identity vs Branding   Corporate Identity and Branding are two concepts in marketing and identifying the difference between them is quite complex as both concepts are interconnected. However, we can distinguish them from certain parameters on the grounds of perception. The internal perception and external perception (customer view) provide clues to […]

Difference Between Change Management and Change Leadership

diffeernce between leadership and change management

Key Difference – Change Management vs Change Leadership   Change management and change leadership are two similar approaches to introduce a change in an organization though, there is some difference between them in approach and size of the change. The key difference between these two terms is that Change management is the application of a set of […]

Difference Between Supplier and Distributor

difference betweensupplier and distributor-distributor

Key Difference – Supplier vs Distributor   Supplier and Distributor are two entities that play a vital role in the supply chain, which plays an important role in marketing, but there lies some difference between supplier and distributor when it comes to the purpose they serve on the value chain and the logistics. Both supplier […]

Difference Between Yin and Yang

difference between yin and yang

Key Difference – Yin vs Yang   Yin and Ying, though there is a difference between them, are two universal forces whose harmonious existence is a prerequisite for the sustainable well-being of the complete universe as per Chinese belief. The difference between Yin and Yang is what distinguishes the two seemingly opposite forces. However, yin […]

Difference Between Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing

difference between Digital marketing and social media marketing.

Key Difference – Digital Marketing vs Social Media Marketing   The difference between digital marketing and social media marketing is simple. Social media marketing is part of the overall broad spectrum of digital marketing. Social media marketing alone does not make up digital marketing as a lot of people assume. Digital marketing has many sub-sections. The key […]

Difference Between Personal Selling and Sales Promotion

Difference Between Personal Selling and Sales Promotion

Key Difference – Personal Selling vs Sales Promotion   Personal selling and sales promotion are components of integrated marketing communications. Both attempt to communicate a message created by an organisation towards the customer. The key difference between personal selling and sales promotion lies in the process adopted. Circumstances define the timeline of usage of these communication […]

Difference Between Marketspace and Marketplace

Difference Between Marketspace and Marketplace

Key Difference – Marketspace vs Marketplace   In the present information age, mode of value creation is one of the important criteria, and this value creation becomes the basic aspect of the difference between marketspace and marketplace. For an exchange or transaction to occur between a buyer and a seller, information availability and access to […]

Difference Between Peer Pressure and Peer Influence

Difference Between Peer Pressure and Peer Influence

Key Difference – Peer Pressure vs Peer Influence   Though both terms, peer pressure and peer influence, look similar at a glance there is a difference between them. In a workplace, a peer is someone at a similar level such as same grade, same gender, status, etc. Positive peer interactions and relationships help organizations in […]

Difference Between Change and Development

Change vs Development

Key Difference – Change vs Development   In a rapidly changing competitive world, organizations cannot run a business successfully without adapting to changes that are taking place in the business environment. Organization change includes changing organizations’ structure, technology and process, and business model to gain competitive advantage. The key difference between change and development in the organizational […]

Difference Between Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Difference Between Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Key Difference – Innovation vs Entrepreneurship   Innovation and Entrepreneurship are two different terms having entirely different meanings. However, there is a relationship between innovation and entrepreneurship, which sometimes makes the confusion. The key difference between innovation and entrepreneurship is that the innovation means introducing something new. This can be an idea, product, model, or […]