Difference Between Nepal and India

Nepal vs India   India and Nepal are neighbors with the Himalayan Kingdom lying on the northern borders of India. The two countries have had friendly relations since time immemorial though Nepal is tiny in comparison to India that is often described as a subcontinent. The Indo-Nepal border is a porous one with citizens of […]

Difference Between Lao and Laos

Lao vs Laos   Laos is a country in Southeast Asia that is landlocked and borders other Southeast Asian nations such as Thailand, Burma, and Cambodia. It is a peaceful Buddhist nation that is known for its mountains and temples. Tourists coming over to Laos are confused whether they should call it Laos or Lao […]

Difference Between Koreans and Chinese

Koreans vs Chinese   Koreans and Chinese are the people or the citizens of these respective Asian countries. Of late, there have been many reports of hatred, hostility and violence against people of Korean origin in China raising concerns about the safety of people of Korean descent in China. There are many people in the […]

Difference Between India and Pakistan

India vs Pakistan   India and Pakistan are neighboring countries in Southeast Asia and part of the Indian subcontinent. Pakistan is a recent creation, as the territory called Pakistan today was a part of Hindustan where there was a Muslim majority, and this reason became the basis of division when the British decided to leave […]

Difference Between Bengal and Bangladesh

Bengal vs Bangladesh How do you differentiate between a land of composite culture by drawing a line across it and dividing it into two different countries on the basis of religion? This is exactly what happened when the British divided the Indian province of Bengal into two Bengals, West Bengal and East Bengal. The fact […]